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Shoolini University Online Education Overview

Himachal Pradesh saw the establishment of Shoolini University online education in 2009. It is located in the Himachal Pradesh city of Solan. Shoolini University is ranked 96th among the top 100 private colleges in the NIRF ranking for 2022. Currently, there are 4500 students, 2200 of whom are housed on campus. The Shoolini University ranking aids students in appreciating the significance of this institution.

In Solan, Himachal Pradesh, the institution has a campus that is 52,045 square meters large and spans 20 acres. One of the cleanest campuses is frequently cited as being the one at Shoolini University. It has an infrastructure of the highest caliber. It was recognized as the cleanest campus in the Swachh Bharat Survey carried out by the Indian government.
800+ patent filers and more than 1000 patents are owned by the institution. It generates the third-most patents in India.

The official website of Shoolini University online learning has all the information you need regarding admission for the 2022–2023 academic year. The institution provides 180 courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels for many different fields, including engineering, management, commerce, pharmacy, and law. Each subject at Shoolini University has a separate set of prerequisites; some have tests, some have interviews, and some merely have legal requirements.

There are two sorts of Shoolini University entrance exams: national type and state type. The national entrance examination consists of the CAT, MAT, CMAT, GMAT, JEE Main, CLAT, JRF, NET, GATE, and NEET. In addition to this, there are a few more state-type admission exams, including HPCET, HPCLAT, and HPCMAT. Students who have submitted their NEET/JEE/SAT entrance exam scores but whose board exam results are still pending may be considered for admission.

Students are given a generous placement salary package from Shoolini University. This university has a strong placement history, according to the NIRF Report 2022. The average placement package at this university is Rs 3 LPA, and the highest placement package available is Rs 18 LPA. The annual placement reports are kept by the Shoolini University placement cell. the setting. The placement cell is in charge of finding placements for its students.

Shoolini University Online Education Programs and Specializations

Shoolini University offers a wide range of courses, including undergraduate, graduate, and many others. On the university’s official website, the applicant can access an online admissions form.
A professional undergraduate curriculum enriched with industry interface is the Bachelor of Business Administration at Shoolini University online education course.

Bachelor of business administration(BBA): Shooloni university’s online BBA program offers a variety of specializations in marketing, finance, and human resource management, giving students in-depth knowledge of current management principles. Through Sprint sessions, e-Univ online courses, industry exposure, social projects, and international exchange programs, integrated learning focuses on skill development.
Through lectures, projects, and internships, the dynamic curriculum is created by highly educated lecturers that prepare students for managerial and entrepreneurial jobs. Graduates have a variety of work choices with prestigious businesses like Bank of America, Genpact, Vardhman, DMI Finance, etc. Every student must complete a two-month summer internship with a prestigious company, such as Nestle, Cadbury, Reliance Jio, Blue Star, Abbott, Lemon Tree, Red Fox, etc.


  • Shoolini University online education, a top science university in India, provides Management students with a highly specialized bachelor’s degree.
  • ICAR-guided infrastructure, Sprint for personality development, Stanford’s mini-MBA program as inspiration, e-Univ for online education, industrial experience, social projects, and exchange programs abroad
  • Summer internships help students get ready for their final-year assignments.
  • entire India Management Sciences’ NIRF Rank ranges from 76 to 100.
  • Private Business Schools in All of India Ranked 19th by Dainik Bhaskar
  • provides a variety of specializations in marketing, finance, and human resource management.
  • Shoolini University has been certified as a Recognized Social Entrepreneurship, Swachhta, and Rural Engagement Cell (SES REC) Institution. ASSOCHAM has named Shoolini University’s B School as the best up-and-coming Private Business School in India, and Go Education has ranked it fifth in terms of research writing.

Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com): The four-year BCom (Hons) program at Shoolini University online education courses gives students useful business and commerce knowledge. They learn the vital abilities of leadership, teamwork, and communication that are necessary to succeed in the business world.
Shoolini University online education has a fully operational placement cell run by students that manage placement and internship activities. Leading Indian and international corporations serve as mentors as they expose students to opportunities in the real world. The dynamic talent brigade has the opportunity to travel the world thanks to our partnerships with numerous foreign universities.

There are specializations available in finance and economics. We offer a curriculum that is focused on industry and is regularly updated, skill development through SPRINTs, industrial visits, group projects, hands-on activities, ongoing evaluation, and specialized courses like tally and aptitude to get students ready for competitive exams. Shoolini is proud of its exceptional faculty, which holds doctorates from reputable national and international universities and combines company expertise with academic training.

Program Results

  • learn the fundamental tools, concepts, and methods of business
  • Develop managerial abilities and critical thinking, which are crucial in important business functional areas.
  • Learn the written and verbal communication skills necessary to succeed in the international corporate world.
  • Learn about contemporary teaching methods that adhere to international standards, and apply information technology when making business decisions.
  • Utilize value-based leadership to take the initiative and contribute productively in a group setting.
  • Investigate moral principles and make a contribution to society
  • to acquire the skills and efficiency needed to be internationally employable


Bachelor of Arts (B.A): The interdisciplinary BA (Hons) Education (4 Years) degree at Shoolini University provides enthusiastic prospective educators with a variety of professional options. The National Education Policy 2020 principles were used in developing the program.

At Shoolini, students receive in-depth information on educational issues, learning theories, equality and diversity, and educational practices. This deepens their comprehension of education in its social, political, and economic contexts, which is crucial for preparing for higher education. The multidisciplinary program provides rigorous training in research techniques, curriculum designs, policy making, and practical placement experience to equip students for new-age education jobs in the education and corporate sectors.

Program Results

  • Having the ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and comprehension of one or more subjects that are included in an undergraduate program of study.
  • Act thoughtfully by first identifying the presumptions that underlie our thoughts and actions, then determining the degree to which these presumptions are true and valid, and then assessing our concepts, organizational decisions, and personal behaviors from a range of perspectives.
  • Effective communication requires the ability to connect people, ideas, books,
  • media, and technology in order to make sense of the world. This includes learning to talk, read, write, and listen clearly in Hindi and English both in person and through electronic media.
  • Effective citizenship involves demonstrating social concern, an emphasis on equity in national development, the capacity to take informed action on issues, and the willingness to participate in civic life by volunteering.
  • Ethics is the recognition of various value systems, including your own, as well as the understanding of the moral ramifications of your decisions and acceptance of responsibility for them.
  • Understanding environmental conditions and issues related to sustainable development is important for understanding the environment.
  • Self-directed and Lifelong Learning: Develop the capacity for independent and continuous learning in the broadest framework of socio-technical transformation.
  • Utilize current technologies and tactics with competence to effectively interact with the general public.
  • Information/digital literacy refers to the capacity to use ICT in a variety of learning scenarios, to access, assess, and utilize a variety of pertinent information sources, as well as to use the right tools for data analysis.

Masters of Arts(M.A.): Under the Chitrakoot School of Liberal Arts, Shoolini University, which is renowned for its emphasis on excellence in teaching, innovation, quality placements, and world-class professors, offers students a 2-year Master of Arts (MA) degree.
The liberal arts postgraduate program requires a wide awareness of the subject’s underlying concepts, in-depth knowledge of the field of specialization, the creative ability to come up with new solutions, the capacity to study continuously, and the ability to work with diverse teams. With these objectives in mind, our postgraduate programs are specifically created to include study courses, seminars, and projects/theses so that students can advance their conceptual understanding and intellectual abilities.
Students who complete an MA degree reap a variety of advantages, including better employment chances and greater problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Additionally, students have the option of pursuing a postgraduate degree in a chosen field. Every year, the institution adds new programs in a variety of subjects as it pursues greatness.

Project Results

  • English literature and literary studies subject-matter expertise:
  • being able to name, describe, and write about various literary genres, forms, periods, and movements;
  • being able to comprehend and interact with different literary and analytical themes and categories;
  • being able to closely study texts while focusing on themes, grammatical and stylistic developments, historical settings, and generic conventions;
  • being able to comprehend, evaluate, analyze, and utilize various theoretical frameworks;
  • the capacity to identify, engage with, and analyze pertinent scholarly works in order to formulate one’s own critical perspective and effectively and cogently communicate one’s views;
  • ability to contextualize one’s reading, awareness of one’s place in society, religion, caste, region, gender, politics, and sexuality, as well as the capacity for self-reflection and self-questioning;
  • understanding of the world, Ability to contextualize one’s own reading, to be self-reflective and self-questioning; Awareness of one’s position in society, religion, caste, region, gender, politics, and sexuality;
  • Being a global Indian citizen requires the ability to comprehend the world, and to think critically and coherently about the local and the global through reading literature in both translations and in its original form.
Shoolini University Admission Procedure

In 2009, Shoolini University was founded. There is an online application mode. The institution offers a range of UG, PG, and Ph.D. courses. There is a dedicated admissions portal for the university. On the official admissions page, students may locate the Shoolini University admission form last date to apply for the PG courses. Students who want to enroll at this university must submit an application. To find out more about the Shoolini University application process for they must go to the official website.
Utilizing the university’s web portal is simple. On the official website, students may locate the PG program application form. To be admitted to Shoolini University, candidates must pass the entrance exam and achieve the cutoff marks. The entrance examinations for Shoolini University are the CAT, MAT, JEE, NEET, etc. Students must go through counseling after passing the test. For the Shoolini University admissions process in 2022, the counseling phase is crucial. It aids in distributing university seats among the candidates who meet the institution’s cutoff scores.

Applications form for Shoolini University online
Students can review the entire procedure by going to Shoolini University’s official website. One should first review the available courses and the several workshops that go along with them on the official website. then click on the Shoolini University online admission page, where you may read about the application process. The application form is located on the right side of the website. After filling it out, click the submit button. Rs. 1250 is required as the application fee. One may use a credit card, debit card, or net banking to pay for the application form.
Inquire about the requirements for the course at Shoolini University once the university has received the Shoolini University online admission application form. The mark sheets and passing certificates from the 10th and 12th-grade boards, the graduation passing certificate, identity documentation, a passport-size photo, and a transfer certificate are vital records needed to complete the application.

Walk-in inquiry to Shoolini online University
At the institution, counselors are on hand to assist candidates in learning more about the courses. To seek assistance, one need only go to the campus counsellors at Shoolini University, Solan. And they will give him or her advice regarding the courses and the requirements to enroll in such courses. One can apply for admission to the appropriate course at Shoolini University online learning programs once the eligibility requirements have been satisfied.

Shoolini University Admission entrance exams
There are entrance tests held by the university. Those who perform well enough in the Shoolini University entrance exams must go to an interview in order to get admitted to the proper program. The university then issues a letter of enrollment and requests payment for the relevant course’s semester fees. To be eligible for the right Shoolini University online education course, one can also submit the results of entrance exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, MAT, GMAT, and Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam.

The application process for Shoolini University
For information on how to apply for Shooloni online university admission process, please see the steps listed below.

Step 1: Visit’s main page.
Step 2: Select the Apply Now button on the page.
Step 3: If you have already registered, log in; otherwise, enter your information and click the register button.
Step 4: Pay the application cost, which ranges from Rs. 1,300 to Rs. 1,500 depending on the course, in cash, by check, or by demand draught made out to “Shoolini University” and due in Solan.
Step 5: The admissions team will get in touch with you after receiving your Shoolini University application to inform you of the requirements for your program.
Step 6: The Shoolini University department will send an enrollment letter if the applicants have met the requirements.

Eligibility Requirements for Shoolini University

Before submitting an application for a course at Shoolini University, candidates should review the eligibility requirements. The eligibility requirements for admission to The Shoolini University Solan are broken down below.

B.A.- Possessing 10+2 certificates in any of the relevant streams or in any stream with a minimum grade point average of 55%;
B.Com- Possessing 10+2 certifications in any of the relevant streams or in any stream with a minimum grade point average of 55%; submit your undergraduate entrance exam results from Pearson.
BBA- Possessing a 10 + 2 certificate in any stream with at least 55% of the marks required; must submit SAT entrance exam scores
M.A.- Possessing a graduation degree in any field relevant to a master’s degree with at least 55% of the required marks

Affiliate colleges of Shoolini online university

In its 12 schools, Shoolini University online education Solan offers undergraduate, graduate, and research courses. The following list contains academic institutions.

  • University of Engineering
  • Biotechnology School
  • School of Food Science and Bioengineering
  • Agriculture, Business Management, and Liberal Arts Schools
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences School
  • Physics and Material Sciences School
  • Biological and Environmental Sciences School
  • School of Computer Science and AI
  • School of Advanced Chemical Sciences and Law

Shoolini University Placement in Himachal Pradesh

Students at Shoolini are given several opportunities to express their thoughts. Private, research-oriented Shoolini University is renowned for its emphasis on innovation, excellent job placements, and top-notch instructors. The Training and Placement Department’s mission is to offer students numerous chances and top-notch training in prestigious companies. The testing, soft skills, and personal development programs infrastructure in the placement cell are excellent. The Training and Placement Department maintains excellent relationships with the Industry Sector and invites professional faculty from a variety of businesses for close interaction and on-campus hiring. The University has agreements with business and industry chambers.

Technical question papers are also made available by the Training and Placement Cell with the help of competent programmers and industry professionals. Every day, numerous MNCs with strong reputations come to hire students. To help students advance their technical skills, the Training and Placement Department offers industrial training, aptitude testing, and vocational training. more than 85% of graduates were placed, which is exceptional, at well-known firms including ITC, Pepsi, Abbott, and Hewlett Packard.

Shoolini University Scholarship

Colleges offer 15 to 30 percent scholarships to first-year students who have passed a national entrance exam or a college entrance exam. If a student cannot pay the fee, the university offers student loans. Additionally, a scholarship is offered to incoming students based on their grades in secondary. A scholarship worth 2000 rupees has been offered to semester outstanding students.

For undergraduates: Merit-based scholarships are available for all undergraduate courses.

Pertaining to All-State Education Boards.
If the candidate earned between 75 and 85%, they would receive 10% off their tuition for a year. If the candidate scored between 85 and 95, they were eligible for 20% off their one-year tuition bill, and if they scored over 95%, they were eligible for 75% off. Please check the university’s official website for additional information about scholarships.

Shoolini University Award & Ranking

  • In 2012 and 2013, BioSpectrum placed the University second among private biotech universities in India.
  • The University’s Faculty of Management Science and Liberal Arts was placed 19th among India’s Top Private Business Schools. 2014 by Dainik Bhaskar
  • ASSOCHAM recognized the Faculty of Engineering and Technology as the Most Promising Engineering College in North India.
  • Go Education gave the university’s business school an A+++ rating.
  • The University has also earned ISO 9001:2008 certification.

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