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Top 10 countries for MBA Programs
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In this era of specialization MBA is one of the most popular post graduate degrees in the world. This degree has significant impact on one’s career. If an individual aspires to climb the corporate ladder & gain a managerial position in any field MBA is not a choice but mandatory.

The technological advances of the internet since last two decades distance learning is very popular. It is a way of delivering education & instructions on an individual basis to students who are not physically present on the campus. The programmes conducted online provide knowledge and skills to gain versatility for their required field. It includes online lectures, videos, interactive animation & discussion board.

While distance learning courses have due dates for the submission of assignment but they are more flexible keeping in view the convenience of their students.

India has one of the most prestigious universities for MBA. But we are living in the world of globalization the world is one nation now. So, one must choose the best available option to build his/her career.

1. MBA in  United States of America (USA)
Top 10 MBA Colleges in USA

The first and foremost factor that makes United States Business-Schools different from the rest of the world is that MBA there is about expanding your professional network to take wonderful opportunities for entrepreneurship. A student gets to have an exposure of the high class business environment even starting as an Intern.

In order to get yourself enrolled into the finest B-schools of USA, you need to show the quality of work experience which is given more preference over your academic merits. Every Indian Youth aspires to visit USA once in his lifetime. There are top 10 universities of world class standard to name a few there are, Boston University, University of Florida, Arizona State University & Washington University.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in USA
2. MBA in United Kingdom (UK)
Top 10 MBA Colleges in UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most sought out destination for the students willing for an M.B.A Degree. There are universities like Cambridge, London School of Economics, Imperial College, and Warwick Business School which are very prestigious & known all over the world.

They are 100% online universities highly equipped with latest technology provide to their students excellent online environment which include teaching materials, interaction space & online environment which include teaching materials, interaction space & online classrooms. It gives them a chance to list themselves; to access lessons, video recording, submit assignments. For each Module there will be 10 online teaching sessions they may be lectures quest speaker sessions, seminars and revision sessions. Every session is recorded & available to view later.

There are a variety of small & private college especially around London which offer low cost MBA programme to international students. They are affordable no prior work experience required. Candidates have opportunity for other work 15 to 20 hrs to support themselves in U.K. But for some colleges in UK entry requirement is work experience and GMAT.

MBA from these universities is a gateway to the global career opportunities. This 2 year programme gives the students a rock solid ground in areas of management. Now the world is open for ambitious or meritorious students Geographic boundaries losses their meaning. A good MBA from UK gives on better appreciation, international exposure 7 vast opportunities in career.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in UK
3. MBA in Canada
Top MBA Colleges in Canda

Canadian Universities are attracting international students for their distinction in various fields of MBA education. It is parallel to U.S. in terms of standard. Yet the cost of its program is 1/4 of US dollars. Top university may charge heavy tuition fees but there are a lot of colleges where the cost is not very high and their world ranking is very decent & the students can make up by working patters while studying.

Canada is a bilingual country. Both English & French have status of the National language. Some of the MBA are conducted in French’s if is not fluent in French he has to skip the few option otherwise rest of the course in English.

The students come from diverse Technical or Engineering background. The career manager team is the largest in Canada, they are involved in admission process, and they not only provide high quality education but also help students to achieve their goals. Online classrooms connect experienced managers from Canada & all over the world from very sector. It is designed to fit individual schedule & can be successfully completed from home, work or while travelling, they are designed to educate and train business professionals with advanced research skills & knowledge in specialized area such as, Finance, Human Resource, and Management or Organisational behaviour, Marketing International Business Computer Science.

A great MBA programme at a top school helps in fostering the leadership skills and personal development of students. That is the reason that top companies around the globe recruit students from these universities each year. The placement rates are consistently 90%. The Canadian universities offer vast opportunities and global exposure.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in Canada
4. MBA in Germany
Top 10 MBA Colleges in Germany

Life runs at a significant pace for each individual, everyone learns in their own way. A satisfactory job at a firm is always one wants to achieve but for one thing no individual is ready to compromise with is Growth. Thus MBA provides each individual to strive for a prominent position at the firm or company. If one does not affords to give time for the classical student classes and achieve their goals along with their job then distance MBA is the solution for them.

Germany is one country which due to its favourable economy has always been providing the best scholarship programmes to students all over the world and giving them opportunity to be part of their significant education standards. This education is commenced in the way that the students interact with their teachers and professors via video conferencing, they get their classes updates on emails and now the technology has been far improved and thus it allows the students to take their courses via bulletin boards and chat rooms. Berlin is the capital and it has one of the best Distance MBA in states of the world few of which are ESCP Europe, ESMT Berlin.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in Germany
5. MBA in Singapore
Top 10 MBA Colleges in Singapore

Singapore has one of the best Asian MBA universities which also offer Distance MBA. This country has been foremost the safest place for the students as they have a very strict attitude towards the social flaws like Drug Abuse and Ragging of the students. The universities have international faculty for the students from different languages and provide online classrooms. Also this country offers the students to even work along with their studies as the Institutions charge whooping fees ofaround 1.5-2 Million INR and it is difficult to bear one’s expenses. The MBA in Singapore makes you ready to take your career to a whole new level. The Distance MBA in Singapore is one of the finest and most prestigious and help the student to excess in Managerial fields.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in Singapore
6. MBA in Spain
Top 10 MBA Colleges in Spain

Spain has become as the most popular education destination of Europe after United Kingdom. There have been a lot of different B-schools for distance MBA and they have been diverse, from more self-effacing institutes to the highly esteemed MBA schools. The private IE Spanish Universities is one of the world’s leading higher education colleges that have been mostly valued for their innovation. If the student is interested in studying in Madrid, then it is advisable to look up the fee structure of the colleges one wants to pursue. The most prestigious universities for Distance MBA are in Madrid and Barcelona and moreover the students must be fluent in Spanish in colleges which offer distance MBA in monolingual but students can also find the colleges with bilingual which offers Distance MBA.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in Spain
7. MBA in Australia
Top 10 MBA Colleges in Australia

Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world.It also welcomes students from abroad for higher studies with scholarships.There are University which provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the cheapest cost. Every year a huge number of students from abroad take admission for MBA programs in Australian Universities and Business Schools. It also holds a good record in providing the best placement and internships in the world.
MBA is one of the highly regarded courses globally. Indian students prefer to pursue MBA courses in Australia due to many reasons. The MBA programs offered by the Australian universities are acceptable among the Indian aspirants. The education provided in the university and colleges is of a high standard. The professors are highly talented and skilled with practical knowledge in the business industry.
Australia has the cheapest university for MBA like The University of the Sunshine Coast, School of Business and Adelaide Business School – University of Adelaide etc.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in Australia
8. MBA in New Zealand
Top 10 MBA Colleges in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular upcoming destination for pursuing an MBA degree. This small country known as Australia’s younger sibling has eight universities. These universities offer management courses along with private colleges. So, the option for choosing a suitable MBA is great.

The education structure is very much similar to that of UK & Australia so the admission process & course curriculum is almost more or less the same.

Although at the first glance the cost of MBA study may seem high but there are many colleges where it is quite affordable. The tuition fee for distance learning varies from institution to a country but it is certain that the student save money related to accommodation & transport.

Distance learning is a great solution for the people who already have a job but still want or need further education. During this period students communicate with faculty and other students via email, electronic forums and video conferencing & other form of computer education.

Distance learning had a humble beginning in 2003 but now it has grown as a leader of innovative and quality learning. These globally recognized universities have a potential to transform managers into visionary leaders.

Some of the universities are:

  1. Massey University, Wellington
  2. University of Otago, Dunedin
  3. Victoria University of Wellington
  4. Auckland Institute of Learning
Top 10 MBA Colleges in New Zealand
9. MBA in France
Top 10 MBA Colleges in France

France (officially the France Republic) is one of the most desired destinations for all the students who want to study mba abroad.MBA degree is a master’s degree in the field of management and leadership. It is training that created an eminent leader, manager, and Entrepreneurs. MBA can be perused after competition of a bachelor’s degree in any field. MBA is one of the costliest programs in the world.
MBA in France is not cheaper than nearby countries like Germany where no tuition fee is required but the quality of education is France validates the amount paid. It has been noticed that business schools in France are some of the top business schools in the world. In the QS World University Ranking 2016, 41 French universities made it to the list of top universities and 11 universities were also ranked among the top 250 universities.

Some of the best MBA universities in france are:-

  • HEC Paris
  • ESSEC Business School
  • EDHEC Business School
  • Audencia Business School
  • PSB Paris School of Business

French Business Schools are among the world’s best business school with well-educated and experienced faculties. The schools pay emphasis on both theoretical and practical knowledge. Many schools in France have a compulsory internship for practical understanding of the students.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in France
10. MBA in Russia
Top 10 MBA Colleges in Russia

Russia is the biggest country in the whole world and also rich in resources and diversity.

As the country has developed with nuclear technology it has successfully obtained a great place in the world economy. MBA is one of the finest and most necessary professional degrees in the world to hold the top most managerial profile in the company.

So, MBA from an internationally recognized university has become a dream to most of the commerce students around the globe. Thus, Soviet republic of Russia has given the world top most academic colleges and universities for MBA and distance MBA. Education in Russia is provided by the government under the Ministry of Education and Science.

Moscow holds about 60 state universities in which have about half a million students pursuing UG and PG courses.

Some of the popular B-schools are: Moscow international higher business school, MBA international management.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in Russia