Day by day the demand for Online education or e – learning is increasing in India and as well as in abroad. Due to the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic, education system in the whole world has changes its programs enhancing cost-effectively along with the development of technology and it has also strengthened the online learning sector in almost every institute or college. In this ongoing situation working professionals and students have accepted the e-learning/ m-learning (mobile learning) /Computer-based training methodology.

There are so many universities and institutes in India which offer Online Degree courses. You can check given below some of the top universities and colleges along with the program specialization, fee, eligibility and many more.

e – learning will help the candidates who are from the underprivileged backgrounds and wants to get the higher education to skill up their level in the respective disciplines.

Gratitude, to almost every university or college offering education via online learning mode. Internet or web is also playing huge role in this medium of education as it helps all the aspiring candidates in getting education than it was ever before.

Online education is mostly suitable for the working professionals and for those candidates who have is not able to get admission in any university or college due to lower percentage and higher cut off, a long gap in studies, an employed professional and those who are not able to go for the regular or full time program due to any personal reason.

At present, most of the aspirants don’t prefer the traditional and the old method of attending regular classroom learning; they prefer this online learning method to complete their higher education. In this medium of studying you don’t have to travel long distance, no need to pay high cost fees and in addition you don’t have to move to different state or country for higher studies. You can learn from your comfort zone i.e. your own place and at your own time.

Formerly, it was the second choice for all the aspiring aspirants who are not able to make it into top-leading universities. But now as the time passing it has become normal to take admission in online degree programs.

Online degree programs are those programs which can be offered from an accredited college or university after the completion of program through online/ digital mode or e – learning mode.

How Will Online Education Be Delivered?

Online learning students thinks that their learning/study material will be provided through an e-mail. But most of the universities are moving away from this unreliable method of delivering study material.

Students learning material and study material will be delivered through universities online learning platforms. Online learning platforms of all the universities may vary; it depends on the software used. But it will basically consist of a central online platform that can be accessed by the candidate from their personal mobile phone, PCs, and so on.

You will get more flexibility in accessing your program information and hence you can complete your assignments or projects any time. It allows and helps you to fix and fit study time according to your surrounding such as work, family and so on. You don’t have to put your job on hold, so you can continue your career.

Online Education/ Learning Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Online Education/ Learning

  • Flexible education system
  • Easy Curriculum
  • Earn along with learning
  • Learn from other students during the group discussions

Disadvantages of Online Education/ Learning

  • No face to face interaction with the instructor and fellows to share ideas
  • Not able to attend the traditional classes with an instructor who teaches and instructs during the regular program
  • The availability of technical support limited

 Support for Online Learning Students

The quality of study is determined and experienced from the level of support that online learning students are receiving. Online learning providers are ensuring that all the aspiring candidates/students needs are met in all areas

The main concern that potential candidates have with the online learning support is lacking of face-to-face help; nonetheless by utilizing technology like video calling and the more traditional way such as e- mail and mobile phone. Virtual establishments are progressively overcoming the issues between online and on-campus student support.

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