Top 10 Cheapest (Most Affordable) Online MBA Colleges In India 2023

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The demand for Top Cheapest online MBA Colleges in India is rapidly increasing due to the rise in online education and the growing need for MBA graduates in the industry. As a result, the value of an online MBA has significantly increased, prompting more candidates to seek admission to the best universities and institutes offering high-quality online MBA programs.

However, there is a common misconception that good online MBA courses are expensive. Contrary to popular belief, many top universities offer affordable online MBA programs. Therefore, it is crucial to have prior knowledge of online MBA courses.

Numerous affordable online MBA programs are available from prestigious Indian universities and institutions. These online MBA programs are more effective and thorough, giving you the chance to pursue your dream profession. You can enroll in these reasonably priced online MBA programs without worrying about money, and you can get started learning right away.

We have compiled a list of the Top affordable Online MBA programs that are simple to access, very competent when it comes to learning new skills, and the best online MBA in India to assist you in finding the most affordable online MBA India course and the best online MBA in India.

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Why Online MBA in India

Flexibility: The majority of online MBA courses in India are delivered via e-lectures and virtual classrooms, making them the perfect option for working professionals who are unable to carve out time for classes.

Cost-effectiveness: The majority of online MBA programs are affordable. In India, online MBA programs are available for as little as 6,000 INR.

Diversity: As an Online MBA course is not constrained by physical limits, its virtual classroom is essentially a worldwide classroom with participants from various professions, regions, and countries.

Global Reach: There are now many institutions offering online MBA programs that have satellite campuses spread across numerous cities and nations. Many also provide programs for international immersion.

Choice of Specializations: Numerous institutions offer an online MBA degree in specialized fields of study that are not offered in full-time programs.

Accreditations: More and more institutes are receiving accreditation from pertinent certifying authorities as the Online MBA program has grown in acceptance and popularity over the years.

Top 10 Online MBA Programs in India

For all the right reasons, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a highly sought-after postgraduate option. After earning an MBA, there are amazing career and employment options across many industries. Nevertheless, the expensive cost structure required by an MBA degree comes first, before these attractive career chances.

Only a small number of government universities in India provide high-quality MBA programs at reasonable costs. Thus, when it comes to MBA programs, private B-schools are more desired. These private business schools are better able to deliver the quality and standards of education required for an MBA program than the majority of public universities.

Yet, the cost of these courses is prohibitive. IIM Ahmedabad, the top business school in India, charges an astounding 123 lakhs for two years of study. The fee structures are comparable to other prestigious private B-schools. Several would-be candidates were left without options due to the high cost of an MBA because they were unable to finance it. This was a serious issue because many qualified students were unable to enroll, which meant that their skill was not utilized to their full potential.

Numerous prestigious universities have developed online MBA programs in an effort to close this gap. The cost of these Best Online MBA Colleges in India is significantly lower than that of traditional offline MBA programs. The expense of infrastructure is irrelevant for online education, which is the cause. You are not required to use any college facilities, such as the dormitory or campus transportation, or to visit the college. Moreover, moving expenses are reduced. All of the online course materials and information you receive through the online learning platform must be paid for.

1. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

IGNOU offers two sessions for enrollment in its online MBA program: January and July for session 2023. Students who choose to take the MBA course online in the January 2023 session will be able to learn and graduate from such a rigorous program without ever setting foot in an offline classroom.

To provide an understanding of the course in the best possible way, the curriculum has been revised in new ways. There is also the option of specialization. Aspirants who had given up on seeking this professional degree were given a chance by the degree offered in the online format.

All qualified individuals now have the opportunity to continue their education online without changing their current financial situation thanks to the addition of the Cheapest Online MBA Colleges. In the form of self-study materials, e-lectures, IGNOU E-Content, etc., students will be given a variety of digital self-learning possibilities.

2. Hindustan University Online MBA

For applicants who have an interest and planning to make their career in management degree the HITS Online MBA will be highly helpful. The online MBA program, as its name suggests, will give students the ability to lead creatively, solve problems strategically and creatively, manage effectively, and make decisions. The MBA online program at HITS Chennai offers electives in finance, marketing, human resources, tourism, aviation, hospital management, logistics and supply chain management, operations management, and sports management over the course of four semesters. After graduating, students will have a variety of employment opportunities, including financial analysis of marketing research, HR management, analysis of logistics, and others.

The Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science in Chennai offers online MBA enrollment. The University’s official website must be visited by qualified applicants who then register there and fill out an online application form to enroll in the course. It is one of the most Affordable Online MBA Programs

3. DY Patil University Online MBA

The Center for Online Learning at Dr. DY Patil Vidyapeeth in Pune offers a two-year postgraduate degree program in master of business administration (MBA). The DPU Online MBA program is developed to give students the management skills they need to succeed in business and management careers.

The online MBA program from D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth in Pune, accredited by the UGC, offers a variety of specializations that allow students to pursue jobs in their areas of interest. Marketing management, finance management, information technology management, project management, operations management, human resource management, hospital and healthcare management, and other specializations are available through the DY Patil Online MBA.

At DY Patil Vidyapeeth, the online MBA curriculum is divided into four semesters and consists of 24 courses as well as project work.

4. UPES Online MBA

From energy management to international business, UPES offers MBA courses in a variety of subject areas. The course content and cost vary from one course to another depending on the specialization. The rigorous planning that went into every course’s creation helped UPES earn a ranking of 41 in the management category of the National Institutional Ranking Framework, or NIRF, developed by the Ministry of Human Resources Development.

Four departments have been established for the MBA course specializations that UPES offers.

Together with topic knowledge and competence, modern workplaces and jobs frequently call for good management and organizational abilities. The basics of business and market operations, as well as the creation and use of strategies, must be thoroughly understood by students. Your post-graduate degree in management and business administration may be best pursued at the UPES School of Business.

5. Jain University Online MBA

The MBA program at Jain University can be finished part-time in as short as 24 months, is 100% online, and is taught by distinguished faculty.

The program strives to foster students’ entrepreneurial ability and provide them with the skills and information necessary to grow swiftly and be successful in the corporate world. Employers require employees to have additional knowledge and abilities outside of the main business disciplines, such as strategic management, organizational behavior, project management, financial management, etc.

The students can access their online classes, video lectures, quizzes, and many other interactive sessions through the LMS. Due to the universal mobile learning feature offered by LMS, students can still engage in learning activities even if they do not have access to the internet.

6. Manav Rachna Online MBA

To all aspiring professionals, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies in Faridabad offers an online MBA program. The UGC-approved online MBA program, which focuses on marketing, finance, human resources, international trade, logistics, supply chain management, digital transformation and analytics, and healthcare management, is intended for dual specialization from traditional and modern managerial areas. 80 credits make up the two-year, online MBA program at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies. The cost of the training is Rs. 1,80,000 in total. If you are a candidate looking for a sustainable option to get your MBA done you can choose Manav Rachna University Online MBA as it is considered to be the Top Cheapest Online MBA Colleges In India

Candidates must meet the requirements set forth by the institution in order to enroll in the online MBA program offered by Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies. Candidates must have earned a minimum of 50% (45% for SC/ST candidates) on their undergraduate degree from an accredited university in order to be eligible for the course.

7. Manipal University Online MBA

A Manipal University online MBA can advance a person’s career by giving them industry-relevant skills. Both AICTE and UGC approve of this online MBA program. Manipal Online MBA would be beneficial for you if you hope to have a great career in the field you prefer. If you’re interested in learning more about Manipal University’s online MBA program’s requirements and syllabus, as well as how to apply, read the article below.

Aiming to prepare students for the future, Manipal University’s online MBA program is one of the best in India. Your capacity for strategic thinking will be enhanced while you pursue this online MBA from Manipal University. With cutting-edge digital learning tools, Manipal Online MBA will also offer perspectives from business executives. You will receive career counseling and placement aid through Manipal University’s online MBA program in order to find better employment possibilities with increased earning potential.

8. Chandigarh University Online MBA

An elite institution, Chandigarh University Online, has recently begun to offer programs online. Because of its industry-focused curriculum, Chandigarh University’s online MBA program is well known.
By working with organizations like Birla, HDFC Bank, Panasonic, Deloitte, TCS, and others on placement, the university helps its students get jobs. UGC-DEB has granted the university permission to provide online education. AICTE, AIU, NAAC (A+), and others also have certifications.

9. Lovely Professional University (LPU) Online MBA

LPU, or Lovely Professional University, is an independent university located in the Bhagwara district of the Indian state of Punjab. A number of UG and PG courses are offered at the university, one of the best private universities in the nation.

The university also offers online learning opportunities to students in a variety of academic fields, including an Affordable Online MBA Degree. The university’s remote education division offers MBA programs, and LPU Online offers online courses. In order to help students become strong MBA professionals, this program is designed to offer high-quality management education across a variety of disciplines.

The University Grants Commission (UGC), AICTE (All Indian Councils for Technical Education), and MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Department) have all given Lovely Professional University their full approval.

10. ICFAI Online MBA

Following graduation, students have the option to enroll in an online MBA program offered by the ICFAI Centre for Distant and Open Education (CDOE). The program lasts two years full-time and is finished in four semesters. The university holds all important accreditations, such as UGC, NAAC (A+), NIRF, AIU, etc., demonstrating the course’s validity and credibility.

Marketing, finance, human resource management, information technology, and operations are the university’s four specialties. Together with practical and project work, the student must complete a total of 22 courses. The method of finishing the course is online.

The academic pedagogy has been created to allow students to readily learn topics and apply them in their own environments, and there is adequate academic support available for students. Online learning resources include case studies, exams, recorded lectures, discussion forums, and other things like audiovisual learning materials and audio quizzes.

Bonus University that offers Online MBA with an Affordable fee structure

Amity University Online

Whether discussing offline or online programs, Amity University Online is one of India’s top universities. For its online MBA program and the variety of specializations it provides, the online Amity university is particularly well-known. The university has a vibrant alumni network, and they have its own LMS. Events for networking include alumni gatherings, webinars, and live interactive sessions with well-known figures from around the world.

With the assistance of its placement-collaborating businesses like TCS, HCL, Reliance, Concentrix, Byju’s, Amazon, etc., the university offers outstanding placement assistance to its students. UGC-DEB has granted the university permission to provide online education. Additional accreditations include those from NIRF, AICTE, AIU, WES, ACU, and NAAC (A+).


The MBA programs offered online are the most economical and cost-effective for all socioeconomic groups while still upholding the high standards of the course content. The top 10 least expensive MBA online universities in India are included on this site along with their tuition costs and other crucial information.

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