Distance Education MBA IN MEGHALAYA

Meghalaya, the wettest region of the country, is situated in the Northeast of India. Its population mostly comprises of the ethnic groups or the tribal communities. The Khasi tribes make the largest group followed by the Garo, Jaintia, Biates, Koch, Boro, Hajong, Dimasa, Kuki, etc. The state had a literacy rate of 62.56%, according to the census of 2001 and ranked 27th most literate state in India. However, over the years the literacy rate has shown an overall enhancement to 75.5% as per the 2011 Census reports (77.17% for males and 73.78% for females). Meghalaya is the first state to introduce the concept of “Communitization”. In this model of education, the committees or the governing body of government aided schools and colleges have prominent citizens heading these committees.

The government is promoting the concept of Right to Free and Compulsory Education in the state. Still the education department in Meghalaya attempts hard to live up to possible challenges that arise in the Human resource development sector of the state. The central university, is located in the functional capital of Shillong, which coordinates the action of all the small educational institutions of the state. Shillong is considered to be the academic hub of the state, with the presence of most of the higher studies institutions.


Many institutions in the state have made their mark in terms of delivering quality education to the young aspirants in the field of engineering, science, medicine, law, business administration, etc. Meghalaya offers both bachelors and master’s degree indifferent management courses from private and government owned universities. Regular full time and part time MBA programs are in a full demand in the state, whereas the distance education was not greeted with great enthusiasm. Today, the distance education of Meghalaya has been seen gradually gaining in popularity. The distance education opened up the options of education for all the interested aspirants who were not able to take up education as a full time engagement because of several limitations.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), ICFAI University and the distance program of the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) are the most popular of all the distance education programs. IGNOU offers a wide range of courses for the students to choose from, similarly, NEHU offers courses for degrees and diplomas according to the University curricula. Management courses (full time or distance courses) have also become a great attraction for the students. In the near future, management courses through distance learning is also expected to be a vital part of the educational system in the state, with an increase in the number of distance learning institutions for management studies.

Top 20 Distance Education MBA Universities/Colleges in Meghalaya with Courses & Fees

IGNOU – Distance MBA Education, Shillong UGC MBA 31,500 2 years
Directorate of Distance Education, Sikkim Manipal University, Shillong UGC, AICTE BBA/MBA 80,000 2 years
Mahatma Gandhi University Distance Education, Ri Bhoi AICTE, UGC MBA 45,000 2 years
CMJ University,Shillong,Meghalaya UGC MBA,PGDM,BBA 120,000 2 years
University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya AICTE, UGC MBA 235,000 2 years
North-Eastern Hill University(NEHU) Distance Education,Shillong, Meghalaya AICTE, UGC PGDM 15,000 2 years
William Carey University,Shillong, Meghalaya AICTE, UGC PGDM 60,000 2 years
The ICFAI University, Meghalaya AICTE, UGC MBA 65000 2 years
Techno Global University,Shillong, Meghalaya AICTE, UGC MBA NA 2 years
St. Anthony’s College, Shillong AICTE, UGC MBA 45,000 2 years
Nongtalang College, Nongtalang, Meghalaya AICTE, UGC MBA NA 2 years
Kiang Nangbah Government College,Jowai, Meghalaya AICTE, UGC MBA NA 2 years
Martin Luther Christian University, Meghalaya AICTE, UGC MBA/PGDM 63500 2 years
Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Meghalaya AICTE, UGC MBA 45,000 2 years
Saint Mary’s College, Shillong,Meghalaya AICTE, UGC BCA/BA NA 2 years
Women’s College, Shillong,Meghalaya AICTE, UGC MBA/BBA NA 2 years
University of Technology and Management, Shillong,Meghalaya AICTE, UGC BBA NA 2 years
Don Bosco College,Tura,Meghalaya AICTE, UGC MBA 45,000 2 years
Amity University Distance MBA,Meghalaya AICTE, UGC MBA 136,000 2 years
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning – Meghalaya, Shillong AICTE, UGC MBA 17,000 2 years
UPES Distance Education MBA AICTE, UGC MBA 35,000 2 years