Top 8 Strategies to Use ChatGPT Effectively During MBA


Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence tool, is the talk of the nation recently. We all are aware of the fact that every technological evolution has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. And using the tool for easy access to education is a good thing until and unless you know the drawbacks of the tool and are aware of the fact that how it should be used. So here are 8 tricks and strategies to use ChatGPT during an MBA with which the process of education will be a bit easy.

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Strategies to use ChatGPT more efficiently

1. Writing Assignments

In the fast-paced world writing an assignment without proper assistance is still a nightmare for many students. And this AI tool can be a solution for that. The ChatGPT can help you generate topic-oriented content and assignments easily and effectively. This will open up a chance to have various opinions on the same topic.

2. Exam Preparation

You might be thinking that when we have books how can a tool help in preparing for examinations? But ChatGPT can help you with that too. Want to know how? It is generating different aspects of questions asked during the examination. No matter how many sample papers you go through but still the preparation will still be pending. So, with ChatGPT you can generate various notes and mock tests that will help you in preparing for examinations.

3. Writing a speech

ChatGPT will be helpful to MBA Aspirants in writing speeches for competitions and will help them to generate new content that will be generated based on the new trends. Writing a speech is a bit critical topic as it needs to be unique and informative and it should make sense also it should be topic oriented. And ChatGPT can be highly beneficial for this.

4. Presentation

Imagine having a coach at your side to help you come up with presentation topic ideas if you were using deep learning-powered AI tools. You can ask the coach for a basic sketch of a subject, a list of article or presentation titles, or even go one step further and ask for suggestions for presentation hooks. We won’t go into detail about some additional tools that can produce better graphics or analyze data that you need to include in your slides.

5. Video Creation

If your brand wants to be seen in the current digital environment, videos are crucial. You should be very clear about your objectives before starting your adventure in this area because of this.

It’s still your responsibility as a video marketer to create the concepts and strategy; artificial intelligence cannot accomplish this. You are more familiar with your target market, USP, and brand values than AI are.

So keep in mind that chatbots like GPT 3 are merely tools that produce outcomes according to the input they receive—the more precise the input, the smoother the outcome.

6. Event Management

The use of ChatGPT can be quite advantageous for event planners and organizers, as it can speed up the planning process and free up time for more crucial activities. You can create ideas, write copy, conduct research, manage your event, and create a budget for it with the help of its natural language processing capabilities.

7. Preparing Research Paper

Even in the field of study and science, this is true. AI writing tools like ChatGPT have become an attractive choice for scholars looking to improve their academic writing. According to a medRxiv preprint that assesses ChatGPT’s performance and lists ChatGPT as an author, the OpenAI tool demonstrated a “high level of concordance and insight in its explanations highlighting the crucial role big language models can play in decision-making, education, and research writing.

8. Preparation for Interviews

After the completion of an MBA degree, the applicant will surely appear for placement interviews or walk-in interviews. And ChatGPT will not help you in cracking the interview but sure it will help to prepare more efficiently and make you job ready by suggesting some relevant topics you need to have your hands on.


Final say, To wind up this topic. The AI tool ChatGPT can be highly beneficial for students in providing new content and generating notes that will make their process a bit easy. But they should always remember content generated is limited to its existence. Use wisely.

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