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MBA in Human Resources

Advanced leadership, planning, and management abilities are required for successful human resources managers. An online MBA in human resources will give you the education you need to advance your career in HR or get you where you want to be.

This list includes some of the Best Online MBA in Human Resources programs offered by prestigious universities across the. Each of the highlighted schools is a nonprofit, accredited university that meets rigorous academic standards for post-secondary colleges. It may be private or public. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which evaluates the goals, standards, and general efficacy of business-related programs, has accredited many of the schools on our list.

We assessed each school’s program based on its tuition costs, acceptance, retention, and graduation rates, as well as its faculty, reputation, and online learning resources. The Intelligent Score was then determined on a scale of 0 to 100. Learn more about how we rank websites. To make a student’s college search easier, we next compared this extensive list of online MBA in Human Resources programmes to a list of aggregated college rankings from recognized magazines like the U.S. News & World Report, among others. We examined these rankings in-depth so that students wouldn’t have to.

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How do you describe an MBA in Human Resources?

An MBA in human resources combines the workforce management courses from an HR master’s program with the business administration courses from a regular MBA. Students enrolled in these programs are prepared for executive jobs managing human resources departments. Compared to a typical MBA program, students get more specialized expertise. These programs, which take roughly two years of full-time study, frequently let students enroll online, in person, or through a hybrid format.

Many MBA in human resources programs allows their students to specialize in a particular area, such as training and development, employment law, healthcare management, or compensation and benefits.

Things to Know About This Degree

The human resources division frequently serves as a liaison between a company’s employees and bureaucracy. Communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills are crucial for success in human resources because interacting with different constituencies within an organization is a key responsibility of HR staff.

Despite the fact that the majority of human resources jobs are office-based, those that are concentrated on recruitment may necessitate long-distance trips to job fairs, college campuses, and off-site interviews. Take into account if you are able or willing to do this because it can damage your possibilities once you hit the job market. Additionally, as more businesses outsource their HR functions to outside businesses, you might find yourself working as an outside consultant for a number of different businesses rather than being employed by a single company.

Many HR professionals choose to pursue voluntary professional certificates, and companies are increasingly looking for candidates who have these qualifications. For students enrolling in master’s programs that are connected with SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management provides an accelerated certification track. Although graduates of non-aligned programs can earn certification, doing so more quickly can be achieved by enrolling in an associated program. Being certified and keeping your credentials requires additional time, money, and effort, therefore it’s critical to be ready for this part of your HR career.

What Can I Expect From a Human Resources Online MBA Program?

A human resources MBA will teach you how to manage a contemporary company well. These programs teach students how to collaborate with both entry-level staff and senior supervisors.

Students develop their interpersonal and problem-solving abilities, which they can apply every day when dealing with employees. In addition, they discover how to deliberately mold an organization’s culture while preserving employee satisfaction and overall profitability.

Although online students may require more self-discipline and drive than their on-campus peers, the benefits of completing a degree online frequently exceed the drawbacks.
Are you still debating the value of an online degree? Find out more about the distinctions between on-campus and online programs to choose which delivery mode is best for you.

Example Human Resources MBA Programs

  • Business Planning
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Enterprise Ethics
  • Managing Successful Teams
  • Personnel Evaluation and Staffing

Is an MBA in Human Resources Worthwhile?

Students who desire to develop their careers in HR and acquire the standard business administration abilities of an MBA may find it beneficial to pursue an MBA in human resources. An MBA in HR may not be the best degree for you in some circumstances, though. It can be wiser for students to continue with non-MBA HR programs if they have a business or related bachelor’s degree. Students who have already acquired equivalent knowledge throughout their bachelor’s program won’t learn as much in an MBA in human resources program because it will prepare students with the fundamentals of business, finance, and accounting.


In addition, students who aren’t sure they want to work in HR could be better suited for a conventional MBA.

Your chosen degree should be determined by your unique job objectives, level of education and experience at the time, and desired income. Consider enrolling in an MBA program with an alternative emphasis if you are unsure about human resources. An MBA in human resources, however, can be a wonderful fit if you are certain that you want to pursue a career in HR.

What's Next?

When looking into MBA in Human Resources programs, consider the following queries:

Are admissions criteria based on test results? A lot of MBA programs demand that applicants submit their GMAT or GRE scores as part of the application process, though some institutions may exempt applicants based on their undergraduate GPA, professional experience, or other considerations. To make plans to take these exams if you haven’t already, find out if test scores are used in the admissions process.

Can I participate in this program? Given the sophisticated nature of an MBA, certain institutions could favor candidates with a pertinent academic background or professional experience. When looking at programs, make sure to check the admissions requirements to make sure you meet the prerequisites to be admitted.

Once you have a shorter list of programs you are interested in, find out when to submit your application and start compiling your materials. If you have any queries, you can typically find this information on the school’s website or by contacting their admissions office.

Another crucial factor to think about is how you will pay for your graduate study. Check with your job to see if they provide any form of tuition remission or reimbursement for continuing education in addition to applying for scholarships and financial aid.

What criteria must applicants meet to enroll in an MBA program in human resources?

Test results: Competitive programs frequently demand a GMAT score of at least 650. Some universities also accept GRE results. However, other programs don’t require test scores, such as the MBA in human resources management at Southern New Hampshire University. Learn more about resources, guidance, and information for the GMAT and GRE.

Character Reference Letters: Letters of recommendation give admissions offices information about your character as a worker or a student. These letters show that you possess the characteristics they are looking for in a prospective student. At least six weeks prior to the application deadline, request recommendations from previous teachers and employers.

Resume: The majority of MBA programs in human resources demand prior work experience. Students with prior human resources expertise are the best candidates, but even if you don’t have HR-specific experience, demonstrating your accomplishments as a professional on your resume is still crucial.

Essays: Personal essays can offer admissions committees a distinctive window into your personality. You have the opportunity to present your case and tell your tale now. Even if your GPA or test scores aren’t as excellent as they may be, a compelling personal essay that conveys passion and demonstrates a strong commitment to succeeding in the program can help you stand out.

Authentic Transcripts: Official transcripts are required for all MBA programs. While some institutions may just consider your GPA for the pertinent disciplines, others may have a minimum cumulative GPA requirement. In case you need to retake classes to improve your grade, find out what the minimal GPA is that your institution requires.

What Are the Fees of an MBA in Human Resources?

The cost of an online human resources MBA program is determined, among other things, by the program’s reputation, standing, and school type (public vs. private).

Tuition at private institutions is typically substantially more expensive than at public colleges within the same state. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the price difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition and fees for the 2019–2020 academic year is around $18,000. Public school tuition for non-residents is now on par with private school tuition thanks to this cost hike. However, many institutions impose a set fee on distant students.

Book prices, fees for on-campus residencies, and lost income from employment are some other typical costs associated with obtaining an online MBA in HR. A human resources MBA might be more reasonably priced with the help of financial aid choices like merit scholarships, federal loans, grants, and fellowships.

What are the Jobs in Human Resources for MBAs

Obtaining an MBA in human resources can lead to managerial HR positions in a variety of sectors, including research and technology, healthcare and social assistance, and finance and insurance.

Students can prepare for a wide range of careers with an MBA with this focus. Graduates can pursue managerial positions in human resources, pay and benefits, and learning and development within the human research departments alone. Graduates of the MBA HR program have the following career options:

Manager of Human Resources: Monitoring employee relations and compliance, managing human resource workers, and counseling other managers on personnel matters including equal employment opportunity and workplace discrimination are typical job responsibilities.

Bachelor’s degree, and occasionally a master’s, are prerequisites for employment.

  • +9% Job Outlook (2020–30)
  • $121,220 is the median annual salary.

Manager of Training and Development: Managers of training and development oversees educational initiatives and workshops for staff members of an organization. Assessing the educational requirements of the workforce, creating and revising training materials, and managing training seminars and workshops are typical job responsibilities.

Bachelor’s degree, and occasionally a master’s, are prerequisites for employment.

  • Job Prospects (2020–30): +11%
  • $115,640 is the median annual salary.

Manager of Compensation and Benefits: Managers of compensation and benefits oversee payment plans for companies. The administration and upgrading of compensation and benefits packages, ensuring that compensation and benefit plans comply with regulatory requirements, and comparing the organization’s remuneration programs to those of rivals are typical duties.

Education: Bachelor’s degree is required

  • Future Employment (2020–30): +4%
  • $125,130 is the median annual salary.

Director of Labor Relations: Directors of labor relations oversee employee relations and regulations. Dealing with employee complaints, evaluating and modifying employment regulations, and negotiating and drafting labor contracts are all common job responsibilities.

  • Necessary education- undergraduate degree
  • Annual Salary on Average: $127,728

Why You Should Complete Your HR MBA by Online education?

Those considering an MBA in human resources may be uncertain about whether to study in-person or online. Greater affordability, flexibility, and convenience are frequently provided by online learning.

As most schools charge students less for their online MBA degrees, remote learning programs can be more affordable. By choosing an online MBA, you can also save money on things like on-campus activity fees, moving expenses, commuter costs, and parking fees.

Program-specific online formats exist. To simulate the experience of being on campus, some online learning programs run synchronously with live class sessions. Others use pre-recorded lectures and online discussion boards to deliver their courses asynchronously. While both online course formats make it convenient to study from home, asynchronous courses are more adaptable to a student’s schedule.

While both online learning platforms make it convenient to study from home, asynchronous courses are more accommodating to a full-time job schedule. The asynchronous style necessitates good time management abilities and discipline to prevent falling behind, thus aspiring MBAs should be aware of this.

Here is the list of the Top 5 Online MBA Programs in Human resources in 2023

1. Sikkim Manipal University- SMU, one of the oldest private universities in India, is largely responsible for the development of online learning. The university adheres to rigorous laws regarding online learning, which allows students and professionals studying from different countries to learn quickly and easily. The cost of an MBA in HRM through online learning is approximately 20,000 INR per semester, which includes the 5,000 INR examination fee.

2. Lovely professional University- Another private university competing, LPU has received numerous honors during the last ten years. The steps LPU has taken to ensure the welfare of its students are admirable and deserving of praise. Candidates can apply and obtain all necessary information at one of the many LPU online learning education centers located in various cities. Applications can also be submitted online. The cost of the application form is about 250 INR.

3. IGNOU- The course that is “most in-demand” in India is online learning in HRM from IGNOU. Since it began training students more than 50 years ago, IGNOU has grown in reputation and respect around the world. The courses and training modules have been improved, which gives students a better understanding of what it is like to work in the industry.

4. Amity University- The best private university in India historically has been Amity University. It has quickly established a reputation for itself and skillfully distinguished itself from the general notion of private universities in India. Candidates can apply directly through Amity’s beautifully designed website or by visiting one of its centers for online learning. Candidates have two payment options: a one-time payment of 1,26,800 INR or paying in installments.

5. Suresh Gyan Vihar University- SGYU, a relatively new university on the list, is quickly gaining ground in terms of quality and job placements. Its innovative and promising online learning management courses are offered through EDUsphere.Candidates can submit their applications online through the university’s website or even call an admissions counselor for assistance. You can ask the university’s admissions counselor about the fee schedule.

How Do I Pick a Program for an MBA in Human Resources?

Cost- One of the top worries for students pursuing a master’s is determining the exact cost of the degree. Tuition costs are typically lower for online students than for their on-campus counterparts. Public institutions are frequently less expensive than private universities, and in-state students typically pay less than out-of-state students.

Program Structure- A crucial choice is whether to use synchronous or asynchronous learning. While some students may appreciate the structure of a synchronous program, others may require the freedom of an asynchronous online course. Additionally, students must decide whether a part-time or full-time MBA is best for them.

Location- Even online students must consider the location of their desired university because they might have to fulfill on-campus requirements. Some students discover that they feel more interested when they may visit the campus, even though trips are not necessary. Local students may also be able to benefit from networking possibilities.

Career Possibilities- For students to enter the workforce, some schools provide more resources than others. In your search for MBA in human resources programs, pay attention to universities that promote their partnerships with business recruiters. If at all possible, get in touch with alumni to find out if they had any chances to network with potential employers.

Accreditation for Programs- Finding institutions with the right accreditation is crucial when investigating MBA in human resources programs. Instead of focusing on a complete institution, programmatic accreditation focuses on certain programs or departments.

For MBA programs, look for accreditation from the International Accreditation Council for Business Education, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, or the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

What are the benefits of getting an MBA in HR over a Master's in Human Resources?

You might be debating between an MBA in human resources and an online master’s in human resources to see which is best for you. Graduates of these two degrees are prepared for comparable careers. However, for those without an undergraduate business degree, an MBA may be a wise choice.

Students who aren’t sure they want to stay in human resources can also benefit from an MBA in human resources. These courses give students a broad understanding of marketing, finance, and business, which can open up more diverse career options than a master’s in human resources.

Let’s wind up

In conclusion, we can say MBA in Human resources is a great option for a person who wants to make a better place for himself in the corporate world. This blog has all the necessary information which a candidate will need before choosing MBA in human resources. An MBA in human resources is very beneficial for every person in their work life as well as in their personal life because they learn how to manage people well, have self-control, and many other things. Read this full blog to clear all your doubts about this topic. Happy Reading.


Ques. What types of degrees are available in human resources?
An interested student can pursue a master’s degree in human resources, a master’s degree in human resources science, or an MBA with an emphasis on human resources at the master’s level. Learners can pursue associate, bachelor’s, and doctoral degrees in human resources at other degree levels.

Ques. Is an HR MBA a wise choice?
Yes. For college graduates interested in labor legislation, employee relations, and conflict resolution, an MBA in HR offers a viable pathway. The degree is appropriate for HR professionals who want to advance their careers.

Ques. Are MBAs in HR offered online less expensive?
Yes. Online courses are discounted at several schools. Regardless of location, public schools frequently charge in-state tuition to online students. Additionally, private universities usually provide discounted online tuition prices.

Ques. With an MBA in human resources, what can I do?
Human resources departments hire recent graduates with MBAs in human resources for managerial and leadership positions. Human resources managers, labor relations directors, and chief people officers are a few examples of HR occupations.

Ques. What is the salary for a human resources MBA?
Six-figure incomes are common for MBAs working in human resources departments. Human resources managers made a median annual pay of $121,220 in 2020, according to the BLS, while compensation and benefits managers made a median annual salary of $125,130.

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