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Online Bcom Colleges

A BCom or a bachelor of commerce, a degree can be earned in the following fields: accounting science, investment management, quantitative management, business management, economics, banking, and law. BCom grads have a wide range of employment alternatives and are not limited to picking just one or two. Accountants, auditors, information system officers, taxes specialists, marketing managers, customer relationship officers, etc. are just a few of the careers they could pursue. The top BCom degree-granting institutions are listed here, with New Delhi’s Shri Ram College of Commerce holding the top spot.

We also included the NIRF rankings, the exclusive list provided by the Indian government’s Ministry of Human Resource Development. The NIRF rankings reflect the college’s overall standing among other participating colleges across all subject areas. The college is not included in the NIRF rankings, as shown by an N.A. against the ranking.

There are several top online institutions in India that allow you to receive the greatest education possible compared to other colleges. The best online learning BCom programs enable you to learn from industry professionals while also getting exposure to the business world. The best learning management systems are provided by the leading online -learning BCom institutions. Given that there are over 135 crore people living in India, many young applicants are looking for the best online learning BCom programs to receive the proper education.

Students will search for degree programs after finishing 10+2 that will advance their careers to the highest level. Therefore, those who are interested in business can enroll in an online learning BCom degree, but it is still important to find a school or college that will provide them with a high-quality education.

The Top 10 Online Colleges in India that offer a BCom degree will be discussed in this article. You can look at the information about these universities as well as the requirements for the program. You will have complete knowledge of the top 10 online learning BCom colleges by the end of this essay.

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Details of the Online Learning BCom

In the table that follows, we’ve listed some of the course’s key components for online BCom The major highlights of the online learning BCom course are listed in the following table. You can now look at the abridged information about the online learning BCom course in the table below:




Online bachelors of commerce 


Courses duration of BCom is 3 years 


No specific age limit 

Minimum percentage 


Subjects required 

10+2 from a Recognized Educational Board

Average fees incurred 

INR 15000 – INR 75000 per annum

Similar options of study 

There are various online learning programs, such as online  MBA, online  BBA, and online  BCA.

The average salary offered

is INR 4.36 L per annum

Employment roles 

Executive Assistance, Chartered Accountant, Operations Manager, Accountant, Account Executive, Finance Manager, Financial Analyst, and Budget Planning.

Placements opportunities 

Market research, accounting firms, investments, merchant banking, banks, international trade, industrial houses, educational institutions, inventory control.

Online BCom Program Eligibility Requirements

All prospective students should carefully review the qualifying requirements for the online -learning program, which is listed below, before deciding whether to enroll in one of the top institutions offering this degree.

  • To be eligible for admission to an online -learning course, candidates must have finished their class 12th grade with at least a 50% grade point average from a UGC-approved institution.
  • The bachelor of commerce program is open to students who have passed their 10+2 in any stream.
  • This course is appropriate for students who wish to work in management and who want to master the fundamentals of business and the finance industry.
  • By participating in this, any professionals who are currently employed can also add value to their academic credentials.

Top Online Learning BCom Colleges and Universities

India is a country with a highly enriched educational system, with colleges and programs available in a variety of subjects and streams.

Here, we’ll list the top 10 online learning colleges in India along with information on their course approvals and costs. Check out the colleges nearby:

1. Manipal University

Manipal University is a highly reputed university in India that offers a comprehensive and well-structured Online BCom degree program. The program is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in commerce, accounting, economics, and business management, among other related fields.

The Online BCom degree program offered by Manipal University is highly flexible and accessible, making it an ideal choice for students who cannot attend traditional classroom-based programs. The program uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver high-quality education through virtual classrooms, online lectures, multimedia presentations, and interactive learning modules.

One of the main advantages of pursuing an Online BCom degree from Manipal University is the convenience and flexibility it offers. Students can study from the comfort of their homes, without having to relocate or give up their current jobs. The program allows students to learn at their own pace, according to their schedules, and access course materials and lectures anytime, anywhere.

Manipal University also provides placement assistance to its students, with tie-ups with leading corporates and companies across various sectors. This ensures that students who complete the Online BCom degree program have access to lucrative job opportunities and career growth.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for the Online BCom program at Manipal University is determined by several factors, such as the duration of the program, the payment mode chosen by the student, and the specialization selected. Generally, the program fees range between INR 50,000 to INR 1,00,000 per year, and examination fees are usually included in the program fees. Students may also be required to pay a one-time registration fee and other fees such as library fees and technology fees. The university may offer payment options such as paying in installments or a lump sum, and students may be eligible for scholarships or financial aid to reduce the overall cost of the program. More information regarding the fee structure and payment options can be found on the university website or by contacting the admissions office.

2. Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University was founded in 2012 and is currently among India’s private universities with the fastest growth. The university is renowned for providing both undergraduate and graduate programs in online learning. Chandigarh University (CU) has received numerous accolades for its excellent services and has received an A+ grade from NAAC for accreditation.

Results of Chandigarh University’s online learning B.Com program

  • Students at Chandigarh University can benefit from placement aid.
  • The institution has its own LMS to assist students in acquiring information about assignments and exams, as well as live and recorded lectures.
  • Due to CU’s invitation to most businesses for placement, the university has its name listed in the Limca Book of Records, giving students the chance to be hired by prestigious businesses.
  • The tuition for CU courses, including online learning and online B.Com, is likewise very reasonable.
  • Students at CU will graduate with respectable degrees because the university is accredited by NAAC and approved by UGC-DEB.

Eligibility Requirements for Chandigarh University’s Online B.Com
Candidates who want to enroll in Chandigarh University’s online learning and online B.Com program must have passed all of their 10+2 examinations from an accredited institution. If you have completed your secondary or intermediate education, you can apply for CU’s online B.Com program via the school’s official website.

Fee Schedule for Chandigarh University’s Online B.Com.
Chandigarh University’s online B.Com program has a total cost of INR 61,200, which includes registration and test fees. The cost of the online B.Com. program at Chandigarh University is INR 6950 each semester. Academic fees may be paid either annually or semester-by-semester.

3. Jain university

Jain university provides online and online learning programs in a variety of subject areas, particularly in business and management. The university’s campus is in Banglore, where the college is well-known, approved by UGC-DEB, and accredited by NAAC with an A Grade.

Results of online Learning and Online B.Com. comes from Jain University

  • The university Jain University is highly recognized for its management and commerce programs in a number of specializations and provides a variety of online learning courses.
  • At the university, emphasis is placed on online learning so that each student can receive the best instruction possible to advance their careers horizontally.
  • The university wants to boost research and development by offering high-quality education and developing intellectual and human capital across a range of fields.
  • By offering candidates a top-notch education, the university, which was established as an institution in Bangalore in 2009, quickly gained notoriety.
  • Degrees from the university are respected both inside and outside of India.

Eligibility Requirements For Online B.Com at Jain online university
The candidates must have at least received a passing grade from a recognized board on the intermediate level of education exams, sometimes known as the 10+2 exam. Jain Assumed For all its online and online learning courses, the university does not hold an entrance exam. As a result, you can enroll in Jain University’s online -learning B.Com program if you have your 12th-grade diploma from a recognised board.

Fees For Online B.Com From Jain online university, Bangalore
The Jain University’s online B.Com program has a total cost of Rs. 33500, which includes enrollment and test fees. Jain University charges Rs. 4000 per semester, with the exception of the final semester, which charges Rs. 4500. You must pay the registration price of Rs. 300 at the time of admission, and the examination fee of Rs. 3000 at the conclusion of each semester or when the exams are administered.

4. Delhi university

Every student’s desire has always been to attend the University of Delhi, but few of them are able to do so due to the university’s high cut-off. But thanks to DU-SOL, you can earn your degree from Delhi University without worrying about exceedingly high cutoffs. DU was the first college to receive the designation of the institute of distinction.

Results of the online B.Com. program at DU-SOL

  • UGC-DEB and AICTE have accredited DU-SOL, therefore students will receive worthwhile online degrees that are recognized worldwide.
  • online B.Com. is one of the several specialties that DU-SOL offers you at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • The cost of an online -learning B.Com degree from DU-SOL is Rs. 3530 in total.
  • Business communication, business environment, business law, economic theory, accounting, and management principles are just a few of the fascinating topics that B.Com. students at DU-SOL will have the opportunity to learn about.
  • If an applicant meets the prerequisites, DU-SOL doesn’t even have an entrance exam; they can enroll in an online -learning B.Com program.

Online learning eligibility criteria B.Com Delhi, India, DU-SOL
Candidates must meet specific requirements in order to be admitted to the online learning and online B.Com program at Delhi University’s School of Open Learning. The minimum requirement for candidates is that they have successfully completed the 10+2 or intermediate-level exams from an accredited board. If you meet this eligibility requirement, you can apply for the course online at IGNOU’s official website.

Fee Schedule for Online B.Com from DU-SOL, Delhi
The registration price, which is Rs. 530, is also included in the online learning and online B.Com. tuition charge total of Rs. 3530. The registration cost as well as the first semester’s fee must be paid at the time of admission. The cost of the online B.Com. degree at DU-SOL is Rs. 500 each semester.

5. Amity University

one of the best private colleges in India, allows students to enroll in both on-campus and online courses. When it comes to offering top-notch services to students from all over the world, Amity is the best institution in Asia.

Results of the Online and Online B.Com. Program at Amity University

  • Amity University offers placement assistance to B.Com. students enrolled remotely and online.
  • As a result of Amity University’s approval by the University Grants Commission, its degrees are respected and recognized worldwide (UGC).
  • B.Com students will learn in-depth information on topics including management, business, economics, and accounting.
  • Amity students have access to an LMS through which they can obtain study materials, information about the subject or course, and assignments.
  • The university equips its students with knowledge of the most latest business trends in the marketplace.

Online Eligibility criteria From Amity online university, Noida
Candidates must have at least passed the 10 + 2 exams from a recognised board in order to apply for Amity University’s Online B.Com program. The university doesn’t have entrance exams for its online learning B.Com degree. If you meet the qualifying requirements, you can complete the application on the IGNOU website.

Fee Structure for Online Education From Amity university, Noida
The overall cost of the Amity University Online B.Com program is Rs. 75,000, and the per-semester cost is Rs. 12,500. You can either submit the Online education B.Com. fee semester per semester or the whole fee all at once.

6. Sri Venkateshwar Online University

Under UP Govt. Act 26, Shri Venkateshwara University was founded in 2010 by the Sri Bankey Bihari Educational & Welfare Trust. Section 22(1) of the UGC Act 1956 states that the UGC must recognize it. There are programs available at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. A few of the subjects provided by SV University’s online learning program include the humanities, social sciences, medical sciences, technology, engineering studies, communication, and management.

Results of Sri Venkateswara University’s Online B.Com program

  • Since UGC-DEB has approved SV University’s online learning B.Com, the degree is accepted worldwide.
  • Business communication, business environment, business law, economic theory, accounting, and management principles are just a few of the fascinating topics that B.Com. students at SVU will learn about.
  • Students will have an advantage over others in the business and management professions.
  • The cost of the SVU Online-learning B.Com is reasonable at Rs. 6000 every semester.

Online B.Com. eligibility requirements UP from SVU
Candidates must have obtained a minimum percentage from a recognized board in the intermediate level of education examinations, also known as the 10+2 exam. There isn’t an entrance exam for Online B.Com admissions at Sri Venkateswara University.

Fee Schedule for SVU, UP’s Online B.Com.
The registration and examination fees are both included in the Online learning B.Com program’s total academic cost of Rs. 45,500. At the time of admission, you must pay a registration fee of Rs. 500, and at the conclusion of each semester, you must pay an Rs. 1500 test fee. The cost of the Online B.Com program at SV University is Rs. 6000 each semester.

7. Jaipur National University

Jaipur National University was founded in 2007, and in 2008–2009 it opened a school for Online learning. JNU has received accreditation from NAAC and approval from the University Grants Commission.

The results of Online B.Com.

  • You can enrol in an Online -learning B.Com program at any age because the university does not have an age restriction on admission.
  • As a result of JNU’s affiliations with UGC-DEB, AICTE, and AIU, students who choose to pursue their education there will receive highly respected degrees.
  • In order for the students to continue their studies independently, they will also receive self-study materials.
  • Students will receive support with job placement, and the university has partnerships with BYJU, WIPRO, Deloitte, Infosys, and other businesses.

B.Com. Online & Online Learning Fees From JNU, Jaipur
The entire cost of Online learning and online B.Com at JNU is Rs. 39150, which covers both the registration fee and the cost of the exams. The registration fee for JNU’s Online is Rs. 1000, and you must pay it before the start of each academic year. The academic cost every semester is Rs. 5125, while the examination price for the course is Rs. 1800.

8. Shri Ram College of Commerce

Delhi University is a partner institution for Shri Ram College of Commerce or SRCC. The college is largely recognized for its streams in business, management, and economics. At SRCC, there are eight academic departments, including those for business, economics, mathematics, political science, and Hindi. In addition to one PG Diploma course, Shri Ram College of Commerce provides two UG and PG courses. The college offers B.A. and degrees as undergraduate options. B.A. courses are available, as well as M.A. and M.Com. programs at the graduate level.

SRCC was founded in 1926 and is situated on Delhi University’s North Campus. The college has received Grade “A+” accreditation from NAAC. SRCC was ranked first in the Commerce category by Outlook 2022 and placed 12th by NIRF 2022. Technology is used to enable enhanced holistic learning in a college setting that is structured, forward-thinking, dynamic, and healthy. It places a strong emphasis on the three components of integrated learning—physical, intellectual, and value education.

Accreditations & Rankings for SRCC

  • 12th in the College Category according to NIRF Ranking 2022.
  • 10th in the College Category according to NIRF Ranking 2021.
  • Outlook 2021 places it first for commerce.
  • By India Today Ranking 2021, the top spot for commerce
  • by The Week Ranking 2021, ranked first for commerce
  • A+ is the NAAC accreditation grade for SRCC.
  • Delhi University is associated with Shri Ram College of Commerce.
  • UGC has given SRCC approval.

SRCC Placement
SRCC’s placement unit supports UG programs including B.A. (Hons.), and B.Com (Hons.). A professional body incorporated for helping to recruit is the placement cell. The college organizes two different types of placements: final placements and summer placements. Over 320 job openings have been presented to applicants throughout the college’s placement drives by over 100 recruiting firms. Top recruiting firms also provide fellowships, internships, and article ships in addition to placements.

9. Parul University

According to the Times Business School Ranking, Parul University in Vadodara is among India’s top 50 BBA colleges, and the prestigious Outlook-ICARE India MBA Ranking 2020 lists it as one of the top 65 private state universities in the country for management studies. It is one of the biggest universities in the state and contains 32 institutes with more than 250 courses. It offers courses for the UG, PG, PG Diploma, and Research in the fields of Arts, Management, Engineering, Law, Computer Applications, Medicine, Architecture, Social Work, Fine Arts, and Business, among others.

University of Parul Awards and Rankings

  • 86th in the pharmacy category according to NIRF Ranking 2022.
  • Listed in a recent India Today survey as one of the top 40 BCA colleges in India.
  • recognized Times of India as one of the top 75 BBA colleges in India for the second consecutive year.
  • According to the 2019 Times Engineering Institute Survey, among the top 100 engineering colleges in India.
  • awarded by Praxis Media as India’s Best Private University.
  • given the title of Best University for Placements.
  • According to Civil Services Chronicle’s 2015 ranking, Gujarat’s second-best engineering school has a B++ grade.
  • Second in Gujarat and among the Top 50 Engineering Colleges in India, according to the Silicon India Survey from 2015.
  • Silicon India ranked among the top 50 engineering and MCA colleges in 2014.

Faculty at Parul University
The faculty of the university is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. Excellent students are attracted to the institute by the educational programs that the faculty members create and deliver. The faculty members have excellent credentials, a wealth of knowledge and experience in their professions, and a strong dedication to the welfare of the students.

10. Hindu College

One of the best colleges in the nation, Hindu College is associated with Delhi University. It is recognized by the NAAC and recently ranked first for science and the arts by India Today. Hindu College is ranked ninth in the NIRF All India rankings. Hindu College has also established a record for itself throughout the years with a placement score of 95%. Google, HDFC, Maruti, Deloitte, and other prestigious companies are among those taking part in the Hindu College placement campaign.

Accreditations & Rankings for Hindu Colleges

  • ranked ninth by NIRF Ranking 2021 for the overall category,
  • ranked second for science by Outlook Ranking 2021,
  • third for arts by India Today Ranking 2021,
  • second for science by The Week Ranking 2021,
  • third for arts by The Week Ranking 2021 NAAC accredited Grade A.
  • ranked second by NIRF Ranking 2022 for the college category,
  • ranked third for the arts by Outlook Ranking 2022,
  • ranked first for science and the arts by India Today Ranking 2022.

Facilities at Hindu College
Below is a list of the amenities that Hindu College offers its students:

  • Hostel: The Hindu College offers 117 single and double rooms for rent in its on-campus boy’s hostel. The total room capacity for the hostel is 210 male students. The hostel’s residents have access to standard amenities such as a common area, TV room, sports room, Internet cafe, and mess.
  • Library: The Hindu College in Delhi has a sizable library on campus that houses a wide variety of magazines, weeklies, and periodicals. With 100,000 books, numerous magazines, and journals, the library has three floors.
  • Sports: The college has distinct areas for playing lawn tennis, cricket, table tennis, basketball, and swimming.

So, these are the top 10 online colleges in India, with courses in their curriculum for all the students who have passed their class 12th or any other equivalent degree with a minimum percentage.
Surely, this blog will help you and guide you in choosing the best Online university offering the course of Online according to the eligibility criteria. It’s your turn to make full use of it.

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Top Online BCom Colleges

Top Online BCom Colleges

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