ABC Academic Bank of Credits was Introduced by UGC to Revolutionize Education in India

ABC Introduced by UGC

One of the statutory bodies of India The University Grants Commission (UGC) is a key player in balancing the quality of education across Indian institutions.

From evaluating teaching-learning practices to bringing innovations in the field of education, UGC introduces different schemes from time to time for quality assurance.

UGC has introduced the “Academic Bank of Credits” (ABC) to continue the building transformation educational setup which is helping faculty to manage & check the credits earned by students.

Functions Of Academic Bank Of Credit (ABC)

  1. It will transfer tasks such as credit accumulation, credit verification, and credit transfer/redemption of students.
  2. The courses include online and distance mode courses given by the government and institutes.
  3. The validity of these academic credits gained by students will be up to seven years and students can redeem these credits.
  4. The credits can be redeemed and students can get admission directly in the second year at any university.
  5. The validity will be up to seven years, hence, students will have to join it again within seven years.

Importance Of Academic Bank Of Credit (ABC)

  1. Increases the freedom of students in choosing their courses and academics.
  2. Students can drop out in any year and then exchange the credits earned so far with a certificate/diploma if they are eligible.
  3. They can redeem the credits and again join the same or any other institute in the future and continue their education.
  4. The institutes cannot admit the students to the courses against their will to earn money.

How Does It Work?

The Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) would act as a credential point for faculty to check the credit records of students. All the students need to follow the guidelines which are given to be a part of the ABC.

  • First, Open The ABC Account
    First and most important, the students need to open an Academic Bank Account. They need to require details like their name, address, certificates, course details, etc to create the ABC account. Students can log in at any given point to check their earned credits once their unique ID & password are created.
  • Second, Credits Information As Per Courses
    A credit structure will be created by the Government, as per the courses. When a student joins any course and clears exams, credits will be automatically given to them. Institutions need to fill out all the details and upload all the deposits in the Academic Credit Bank account of the students on the digital portal.
  • Third, Evaluation & Verification Of Credits
    Any kind of evaluation & verification of credits will be carried out by the Academic Credit Bank at regular intervals. Students need to approach the ABC for further process if they want to transfer their credits. It will help in modulating the processes with ultimate reliability.
  • Fourth, How many types Of Courses are available?
    ABC scheme includes both types of courses online & offline. Some of the important courses include National Schemes such as–
  1. NPTEL
  2.   SWAYAM
  3.  V-LAB

Instead, ABC will cover almost all types of courses including distance learning/online courses to help students with every possible stream.

  • Fifth, Credit’s Validity
    The validity of credits earned by students is seven years. Regardless, the validity of credits can change depending on the type of courses or disciplines. In such cases, ABC will give the details of the exceptions to students. By any chance, if any student takes a break or is not able to continue their education then they may redeem the earned credits in the future but this may happen only within the time limit of seven years.

Impact Of ABC On the Educational System, What is Expected?

The UGC expects a positive impact of ABC on the education system in the upcoming years. HEIs who participate in this scheme will get high advantages due to the smooth management of credits. With the Academic Credit Bank, HEIs will be able to help students study subjects of their choice and become “skill-oriented” graduates.

For more details, you may visit the UGC’s official website & can read all the instructions related to Academic Bank of Credit.

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