Top 10 Data Science Colleges in India

Top 10 Data Science college

To reveal meaningful insights hidden in an organization’s data, data science integrates arithmetic and statistics, specialized programming, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning with unique subject matter expertise. These insights can be used to inform decisions and strategic planning.

The increasing abundance of data sources, and hence data, has made data science one of the fastest expanding fields across all industries.

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Most firms have three sorts of managers in charge of data science projects:

Business managers: These individuals collaborate with the data science team to describe the problem and establish an analysis plan. They may be in charge of a business line, such as marketing, finance, or sales, and they may have a data science team reporting to them. To ensure that projects are completed on time, they work closely with data scientists and IT managers.

IT managers are in charge of the infrastructure and architecture that will enable data science operations. They constantly monitor operations and resource utilization to ensure that data science teams function efficiently and securely. They may also be in charge of creating and maintaining data science IT environments.

Data science managers are in charge of the data science team and their day-to-day operations. They are team builders who can blend project planning and monitoring with team development.
The data scientist, however, is the most crucial participant in this process.

Best 10 Colleges for Data Science In India 2022

Most working professionals in India are now focusing on upskilling in order to remain in demand in the industry. This is true for fields like Data Science, which is currently one of the top growing courses to pursue for a bright future. According to the most recent research, it is the top course in analytics and data science because of the key outcome that is preferred based on their experiences in assigning ranks. As a result, seeking the Best Data Science Courses is usually beneficial. So, here are the top data science colleges to apply to in India in 2022.

1. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD) has gradually introduced a number of certificate programmes in data science. IIT Delhi recently revealed that it would introduce the MTech in Machine Intelligence & Data Science (MINDS) programme in July 2022.

The Certificate Programme in Data Science & Machine Learning and the Advanced Certification in Data Science and Decision Science is now the most sought-after Data Science Certificate Courses at IIT Delhi. Graduate candidates or diploma holders with 10+2+3 job experience in the software industry or similar fields are eligible to enrol in one of the two IIT Delhi Data Science Courses. Final admission to IIT Delhi’s data science programmes is determined by an interview, the diversity of the applicant pool, and merit-based shortlisting.

2. Indian Institute Of Management Calcutta

The top three management institutions in the nation, including IIM Calcutta, are renowned for their quality management. It is also well-known for its 2-year residential PG Diploma in Business Analytics, which has been preparing graduates for data-driven employment for more than 5 years and is currently ranked 14th globally in the QS 2019 Masters’ in Business Analytics Rankings.

The Data Science programmes at IIM Calcutta are also well regarded. With the potential to generate 97,000 new jobs in India alone, data science is predicted to be the next major change in the IT sector. Given this vast reach, there has been an explosion in programmes and certifications that assist workers, including those in non-technical disciplines, in becoming Data Scientists and entering the expanding industry.

When selecting a Data Science certificate programme, one should look for a curriculum that incorporates the best practices in Statistics, Mathematics, and Business Analysis, as well as touches on the core concepts of Data Science, such as Data Processing and Machine Learning.

3. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

The Post Graduate Certificate Program in DS & ML online course was created by IIT Roorkee to offer candidates live, instructor-led sessions on data science and machine learning. During this 11-month postgraduate programme, students will learn from renowned IIT Roorkee faculty members, network with business executives, and receive industry mentorship.

The Post Graduate Certificate Program in DS & ML training will expose candidates to eight cutting-edge tools, including Python, Keras, TensorFlow, and others. The interactive audio-visual format and live sessions with the candidates will be used by the IIT faculty to present the course. Candidates will receive more than 450 hours of demanding instruction and experience over the course of the 11-month period.

4. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

A BSc degree in Data Science & Applications (formerly a BSc degree in Programming & Data Science) and a Diploma in Data Science are two new online degree programmes offered by IIT Madras. Students, recent graduates, job seekers, and working professionals who have completed class 12 (BS degree in Data Science & Applications) or who have graduated from an accredited university are eligible to apply for both of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras online degrees (Diploma in Data Science). Students enrolled in the BSc programme can now pursue a BS degree in Data Science & Applications.

5. Jain University Bangalore

Jain University provides both a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Data Science and Analytics, which is approved by the Institute of Analytics in the United Kingdom. After finishing the course, the students will be eligible for graduate membership in the IPA. They’ll be able to join the Royal Statistical Society and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. This is one of India’s best data science colleges.

6. Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University is a premier non-profit university that has been awarded the prestigious NAAC A+ rating. The university provides bachelor’s and master’s degrees in data science, the most profitable job path of the twenty-first century. With this training, you can earn a good living while also opening doors to careers such as data scientists, data analysts, marketing analysts, and data engineers. This is one of the best data science institutions in India for 2022 admissions.

7. BITS Pilani

BITS Pilani offers Data science courses for professionals. It is a two-year course which is split into four semesters for working professionals who want to enhance their data science knowledge and wants to make their name in the corporate world or any where else.

  • Candidates can apply for the BITS Pilani M.Tech Data Science programme if they work as IT professionals, software engineers, software test engineers, programmers, data analysts, or business analysts, and they intend to work as data scientists or data engineers in the future.
  • The benefit of participating in the programme is that a candidate does not have to put their career on hold. Weekend live online lectures presented by the faculty of BITS Pilani are open to candidates.
  • Every week, on Saturday and Sunday, there are 7-8 hours of lectures. If a student is unable to attend the live classes, they can still watch the recorded lectures online.

8. Annamalai university

Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu is accredited by NAAC and is also recognised by AICTE, UGC, DCI, MCI, and NCTE. The course aims to give all candidates the opportunity to master data science skills with a research bent. This is one of India’s leading data science colleges, providing students with extensive exposure to research models and industry-standard applications. This is one of the best data science colleges in India to apply to for the coming academic year.

9. Amity university

Private Amity University, Gurgaon is situated in Pachgaon, Haryana, India. The Haryana Private Universities Amendment Act of 2010 allowed for its establishment.

The Amity Education Group set-up the university with the goal of producing graduates who areexecllent. It provides more than 1000 programmes, and the course is meant to give professionals thorough training in data management and analytics. Critical topics including machine learning, artificial intelligence, mathematical modelling, and product development must be cover by all students.

10. Manav Rachna online university

Faridabad is home to the university known simply as Manav Rachna or MRU.and This is a private institution that Manav Rachna College of Engineering created in 2004. Manav Rachna University has received accreditation from NAAC with a rating of A. The university’s data science programmes include MCA in Data Science and Big Data Analytics.AI & ML MCA

Different types of Courses in Data Science

Depending on what you want to learn and how in-depth you want to study it, you can choose from four different types of courses in India.

Undergraduate Programs: These programmes are for students who have recently completed their 12th-grade education or who have no prior understanding of data science but want to pursue a career in the field. There are three undergraduate degree programmes: B.Sc., B.Tech., and B.CA (3 years).

Postgraduate Courses: Students who have earned an undergraduate degree in any area of computer science and intend to specialise in data science should enrol in one of these courses. The M.Tech, MCA, M.Sc., and MBA are postgraduate degree programmes that last two years.

Diploma programmes: These programmes provide information on some specialised areas of data science. Only a few areas that fall under the umbrella of the discipline of data science are taught, not data science as a whole. Diploma programmes often last no longer than a year.

Certification Courses: These are quick courses that span between three and twelve months. Specific subtopics within the field of data science are also the focus of certificate programmes. There are certificate programmes, for instance, in “Python for Data Science” or “Machine Learning Techniques.”

Eligibility Criteria in Data Science

A bachelor’s degree in science or engineering and fundamental knowledge of statistics and mathematics are prerequisites for these programmes.

Students must receive more than 50% of the possible points in mathematics, statistics, or computer science on their class 12 examinations in order to enrol in an undergraduate data science course.

Best Online Data Science Colleges In India: Factors to Consider

There are numerous aspects to consider while selecting the finest online data science institution. Because online education is young and continually expanding, not all universities may be able to provide the greatest results.

So, in order to assist you in finding the top online institution with all of the essential facilities, we have highlighted the most significant elements that you must not overlook at any cost.

1. Acceptances

This is the first and most crucial item you should notice in any college. Because online education necessitates a whole different infrastructure, the UGC grants universities separate accreditation to provide online courses. As a result, only colleges that are eligible for the programme are blessing.

2. Flexibility

Another important element to consider is the flexibility of class times and exam modes. If you are a working professional, you will need to find a college that does not interfere with your work schedule. Some colleges provide online tests, while others do not. Few institutions offer live online sessions, while some offer video lectures that have been recorded. So, these are the things you should be aware of ahead of time in order to avoid trouble in the future.

3. Course Outline

There are many facets to data science, and it is constantly evolving. Its internal branches and subdomains are numerous. So, it is always advisable to verify the course curriculum of your chosen course. And,  if there are any specific topics or domains that you want to master. Across colleges, the curriculum could be different. Given that Data Science is more of a skill-based study, you should also find out if the college offers practical sessions.

4. Learning Management System (LMS)

Another essential component of online education is the learning management system (LMS). LMS is the name of the online learning management system, and Consider it as a virtual classroom where you take online courses, have access to study materials, and interact with teachers and other students.


Ques. Which city is best for Data science courses?
Ans. Consider the PGP in Data Science and Engineering that Great Learning offers in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune. If you’re seeking data science courses in India.

Ques. Who is the best Data scientist in India?
Ans. Hindol Basu is the best Data scientist in India.

Ques. What is the duration of Data science courses?
Ans. There are three years of study for a bachelor’s degree in data science, and two years for a master’s degree.

Ques. Who is the first Female data scientist in India?
Ans. Amarjeet Kaur is the first female data scientist in India

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