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What is Online Education? Online courses available for Admission in 2022

Oh No!! You're Missing The (FREE) Career Guidance

About What is Online Education? Online courses available for Admission in 2022

What is Online Education? – It is a process of gaining knowledge and relevant skills via online mode using devices like mobiles, PCs, tabs, etc. To get online education you also need to have good internet connection to use in your electronic devices to get the knowledge.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic lots of educational institutes got closed, so to achieve academic continuity government has been encouraging online education. Most of the public and high-end private colleges/institutions are using online platforms like Google classrooms, Zoom, etc., to reach all the students in a more flexible way and proficiently teach them more relevant skills.

Through, online education, students who are not able to attend traditional regular classes can now learn or gain knowledge and skills from anywhere in the world using the internet connection.

Online learning classes are consists of videos, animations, audio, text, and it also includes chats with the lecturers or mentors, along with the virtual training to the students which is given by the tutors or lecturers so that you will become professionals in your fields.

What Are The Pros Of Online Education?


Online Education provides the lecturers a productive method of teaching lessons to all the students. It is consists of videos, animations, audio, text, etc., by using online platforms like Google classrooms, Zoom, and so on.

Flexible Timings and less attendance issue

An online learning degree helps you to save more time because you don’t have to attend the regular lectures on regular basis to face any attendance issues. You can study freely at your own pace from anywhere in the world so there are fewer chances of you to miss out any lessons.

Easy Curriculum

You can plan and select the subject and the lessons you wants to take on that particular day you are studying online.

Earn While learning

Most of the students opt for online education who don’t want to leave their job and also wants to continue their further studies.

What Are The Cons Of Online Education?

No face to face interaction

There will be the lack on face to face interaction with lecturers and the fellow mates to share ideas and for the discussion related to the topic. You have to understand all the topics by watching videos, animations, and by listening to audios by yourself.

Limited technical support/ Technology Issues

The main thing you need for the online classes is internet connectivity but sometimes the availability of technical support is limited, because sometimes there are some places in the world which has the poor internet connection facility. (E.g. – Jammu and Kashmir).

Top 10 Online Education Universities

  1. ICFAI Online Education
  2. NMIMS University Online
  3. Amity University Online
  4. D.Y. Patil Online Education
  5. Manipal University Online Education
  6. Bharati Vidyapeeth Online Education
  7. Alagappa University Online Education
  8. Chandigarh University Online Education
  9. Lovely Professional University Online Education
  10. Jamia Hamdard Online Education

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