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UGC Allows Students to Pursue Double Degree Programs

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About UGC Allows Students to Pursue Double Degree Programs

In a recent announcement, UGC said that students could pursue two degrees at once. The opportunity to explore and acquire new skills has increased for students as a result of this announcement.

The announcement made by UGC Chair Dr.Jagadesh Kumar has made it possible for students to pursue two degrees at once. This dual degree regulation will be in effect for the upcoming academic year. In order to address the issue of limited seats, higher educational institutions today have placed more emphasis on providing courses via open, distance, and online learning modes.

UGC’s Guidelines For Dual Degrees

  1. Two full-time degree programs may be pursued during the same academic year in the physical mode, but the shift times must be different from one another.
  2. However, you may enroll in up to two ODL/Online programs at once. Students may also choose to combine one offline degree with one online or distance education degree.
  3. Students who are applying for admission to the ODL program must ensure that the institutions they are applying to are approved by UGC-DEB to offer the ODL mode of education.

Students can pursue their dual degrees at any number of Indian and foreign universities that meet the requirements. The aforementioned recommendations must be kept in mind by students before they apply for admission to any two courses.

The UGC’s announcement is helpful for multitasking students who are driven to develop a wide range of skills. Students may, however, simultaneously enroll in two programs of the same level, such as two bachelors, two masters, or two diploma programs. However, you cannot simultaneously pursue a master’s degree and a bachelor’s. In addition, students are free to select their own disciplines or specializations.

Even though the UGC has approved dual degrees, careful consideration of pedagogy or teaching methods is still necessary. A dual degree programs will undoubtedly help students greatly because it will enable them to gain knowledge in two different fields at the same time.

In order to help students, we have listed some of the combinations of disciplines that can prove beneficial:-

Financial and Marketing

Because marketing strategies require sufficient funds to be spent and for which you must create a budget, both the marketing and finance specializations complement one another. The most crucial marketing tasks are setting up a precise marketing budget, monitoring sales revenue, and allocating resources. Your productivity will significantly rise if you pursue these two specializationjointly.

Public Health and Statistics

Since statistics aid in identifying vulnerable populations and potential threats in the future, they are essential to the field of public health. In addition to these, statistics are useful in creating the budget for health-related programs. You can prepare for government jobs such as research analyst, public health analyst, etc. by combining these disciplines.

Data and Public Health

In the field of public health, statistics is crucial because it aids in identifying vulnerable populations and potential threats in the future. Statistics also assist in creating the budget for health-related programs. You can use this combination of disciplines to help you get ready for government jobs in positions like research analyst and public health analyst, among others.

IT and the Economy

Computer Science and Economics is a good major for students who are interested in the theoretical and practical connections between computer technology and economics (CSEC). Data scientists, economic analysts, or industrial economists can be hired if they have a master’s degree in economics or computer science.

Today’s young minds need additional skills and knowledge to compete with students around the world.

Top UGC Approved Colleges and University:

Here is the complete list of the UGC (University Grants Commission) approved college/ university/ institutes across the country along with the degree programs that they are offering via online learning mode. 


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