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A century-old famous university dedicated to the advancement of agricultural education is the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. In 2005, open and distance learning programs were launched as a way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Agricultural College and Research Institute in Coimbatore. These programs were the first of their kind in India among State Agricultural Universities. In April 2005, the Directorate of Publications underwent a name change to become a separate Directorate for Open and Distance Learning Programs. Only certificate programs were available at the time of the founding. The introduction of postgraduate programs occurred in 2007. The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Distance Education is one of the famous and recommended education programs as it is convenient and easy to get access to quality education.

A unique three-year farm science curriculum in Tamil was launched in 2010 to refresh the knowledge of the farming community. 2014 saw the introduction of PG Diploma programs. In order to specifically serve the Agro Input dealers in Tamil Nadu, a diploma program in Agri Inputs was launched in 2016.

For the benefit of farmers, young people, and agricultural entrepreneurs, a number of PG Diploma courses and Certificate programs were launched in 2019. All of the courses were introduced based on customer demand.

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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Distance Courses

Admission to certificate and diploma programs requires a grade of 8th or higher. The application cost must be paid via the Online Fee Payment option in order to apply for the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Distance Education UG programs.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Distance UG Courses

B.Tech: Candidates may apply for admission to the university’s B.Tech program if they have successfully finished any technical diploma or the 12th-grade exam.

BBA: Graduates of any Indian secondary school board with at least a 45–50 percent passing grade in 12th grade are eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Business Administrator degree.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University PG Courses
MBA: If a student holds a valid BBA degree from any accredited Indian university, they may apply for admission to the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Distance Education PG Admission 2022 MBA program.

MCA: Applicants to the Master of Computer Application Program must have a BCA degree with a minimum of 50% of the required grades from an accredited university or institute.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Distance Courses Fees

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Distance Courses Fees are as follows:
Admission to the distance learning Master of Business Administration program.

  • 10,000 in fees per semester.
  • Eligibility: A degree from a university of recognized standing.
  • Timeframe: three years.

Admission to the distance learning M.Sc. in Environmental Management program.

  • 12,500 in fees every semester.
  • Eligibility: A degree from a university of recognized standing.
  • Timeframe: Two years.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Distance Education Admission Criteria

  • Candidates must successfully complete the necessary 10+2 exams with at least a 55% grade point average in order to be considered for admission to the B.Tech and B.Sc. programs.
  • Exam results from the 10+2 are used to determine entrance to diploma programs.
  • An undergraduate degree from a reputable university is required to enroll in M.Tech, M.Sc., and MBA programs. the results of the entrance exam, too.
  • Admission to the M.Phil. Ph.D. program requires that candidates have earned their post-graduate degree in the relevant field.
  • Admission is only open to those who have studied or resided in Tamil Nadu permanently or who are currently residing there.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Distance Education Admission

All courses have an online registration method that is accessible. Filling out the application form requires candidates for the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Courses to follow these steps:

  • Check on the university’s website at https://tnau.ac.in/ugadmission/.
  • Choose your course after selecting the UG area.
  • To access the new application form, click “New Registration.”
  • Fill in every blank with the correct data.
  • For your email address and mobile number, it will generate an ID for you as well as a password.
  • The “Proceed to Application” button can be clicked or selected.
  • The application price for students in the general category is INR 600 (INR 300 for applicants who fall under the SC, ST, or SCA categories), and it must be paid to the university using a credit card, debit card, or banking facility through an online payment processor.
  • For the Joint Declaration Form, Appendices, and Checklist to be printed and downloaded, you will need to log in once more with your username and password.

For Postgraduate Courses

  • Then, choose “PG Admission” under Postgraduate.
  • A form will open when you click “New Registration.”
  • Inputting accurate information into the application form is necessary.
  • The general category’s students will pay INR 1,000 as their application fee (INR 500 in case of SC or ST)
  • There is a website where you may pay.
  • A tangible copy of the application form must be sent along with any other paperwork.
Tamil Nadu Agriculture University Distance Education Scholarships

Students who are struggling financially can receive scholarships from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to help them pay for their education. For students to be eligible for the scholarships, there must be clear qualifying requirements. Based on their merit ratings and financial circumstances, students are chosen. The institution offers a number of scholarships, some of which are listed below.

Scholarship Description
Fee Waiver Program:
The State Government has launched a fee waiver program to assist academically deserving but economically underprivileged pupils.

Education Loans: Needy and eligible students can obtain education loans from nationalized banks at fair interest rates. After earning a degree or diploma, thesis loans are repaid.

Financial Assistance: Merit position winners in the qualifying examinations and position winners in the university examinations receive a reduction in the tuition charge.

Tamilnadu University Agriculture Distance Education Placements

In-depth training programs are the main focus of TNAU placements for its students. Campus interviews happen frequently. The university receives visits from roughly 60 companies each year, and 450–500 students are placed each year.

In March or April, the employment fair is held in conjunction with the end of the final session. At this career fair, around 300–350 students are placed at once. The agricultural university also places students pursuing a Diploma in Agriculture in TNAU’s constituent colleges alongside TNAU students. Students can consult the official website for information on the highest and average packages offered by TNAU.

450–500 students are hired each year by more than 60 organizations that visit the Tamil Nadu Agricultural Universities placements. In addition to the usual placement drives, TNAU regularly holds career fairs, which help 300–350 students find jobs all at once. Written exams, group discussions, and personal interviews are all part of the TNAU placement process. The next table lists TNAU’s top overall rankings based on information from the previous year.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural Distance Education Reviews

Faculty & Students

  • Daily activities The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Coimbatore offers classes from 9 am to 5 pm each day. The theory is covered in the morning session and lab in the afternoon. At the conclusion of the trimester, a Midem, a term, and a project will all be due.
  • The teaching strategy is sound.
  • It’s knowledgeable overall.

Alumni Network and Placements

  • There was no stipend when I completed my internship in South Korea.
  • The best option is to earn a master’s degree from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, as placements are not high and the compensation is relatively modest.
  • Since the college has been around for a century, the alumni network is substantial and powerful.

Mobility & Infrastructure

  • Two hostels are for guys, and there are four for girls. Around Rs. 450 is charged for housing each semester.
  • A few PGs are available, but the prices are unknown.
  • In the meal hall of the hostel, there is nice food available. It is not possible to charge more than Rs. 2000 each month.
  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Coimbatore has excellent facilities.

Price & Scholarship

  • The TNAU Distance Learning Programs in Coimbatore charge me Rs. 70,000 for my course each year.
  • On scholarships, I have no knowledge.
  • The essential bonafide will be provided in the college, and loans can be obtained from any bank.

Ques. What are the key courses available in the PG category?
TNAU provides admission to its MBA, MSc, and M.Tech programs. The candidate must have graduated with honors from an accredited university in order to be eligible for admission to PG programs.

Ques.How much does the agriculture scholarship cost?
The benefits cover 12 months’ worth of living, transportation, and food costs. The scholarship offers a sum of $160,000 spread out over 12 months.

Ques.Has the Tamilnadu Agriculture University any lodging options?
Yes, both boys and girls can stay at the 14 hostels that the Tamilnadu Agriculture University offers. Hostels give both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. This makes hostels cozy and desirable as places to stay. A vehicle facility is also provided to transport the sick to hospitals in addition to this.

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