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Jain University Online Admission | Courses, Fees 2024

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About Jain University Online Admission | Courses, Fees 2024

India’s Bangalore is home to Jain University. Candidates at this institution are provided with a variety of amenities and are renowned to offer a variety of educational courses in its online style of instruction. That will be briefly seen. Among the applicants, Jain Online Education University is a well-known and respected institution.

It is well known among students that the university provides high-quality education. Jain University, which was founded as a separate organization in 2009, has official government accreditation as a Deemed-to-be university. This university offers online undergraduate and graduate programs across India. Both academic and practical learning is encouraged by Jain University Online Education. With the help of the university’s own learning management system, learning is quick and easy.

Being in operation since 1990, it is regarded as a university. Although Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain was the one who first received the name Jain University, recent revisions have been made. The NAAC has accredited the university and assigned it an “Of a” rating. With a wide selection of online and distance learning courses, Jain University Online MBA is one of the most famous courses and has been providing a top-notch education for some time.

Jain University Online courses have recently been added to the curriculum. It is among the top universities according to the National Institute of Ranking Framework (NIRF).

The University Grants Commission and Distance Education Bureau have certified Jain University Online as a legitimate online education provider (UGC-DEB)

Jain Univerisity Online Courses and Specializations

  1. Jain University offers online courses in more than 70 different subject areas.
  2. JAIN Online allows students the ability to study anytime and from anywhere thanks to its team of knowledgeable academics and technological pioneers.
  3. The goal of Jain Online is to help people develop a global network and learn global perspectives so they can deal with challenges in the real world and pursue long-term career goals.
  4. Students can submit an online application to enroll in any of Jain University Online MBA Learning.
  5. prestigious international professional organizations like CIM, BCS, and others are partners with the university.

Jain University Online Education UG and PG programs now include a wide range of online specialties and courses. These courses are acknowledged and valid all over the world.

Bachelor of Commerce: You must pass 12 standards in a related field of study in order to be admitted to the B.Com program in one of several tracks. This degree offers a wide range of specializations. If a student’s average grade is higher than 50%, they will also be chosen. The average cost of the program is INR 12,430.

Bachelor of Business Administration: Those who complete their intermediate-level exams on average with a score of 50% or better are eligible to enroll in the BBA course. You must pay INR 15,500 to register for the training.

Master of Business Administration: The BBA examination must be passed with a final term exam score of 50–55% in order to qualify for the MBA program. This costs 32300 Indian rupees.

Master of Commerce: A business administration degree or a closely related subject must have a minimum cumulative score of 50%. The price is 28600 INR.

Master of Arts: Merit-based entrance alternatives are available for this two-year degree. A prerequisite is having a BA degree and a GPA of at least 45%. To acquire this, a fee of INR 25,000 must be paid.

Master of Computer Application: This merit-based competition lasts for two years. This requires passing the final BCA test with a minimum grade of 50%. To take part, you must pay INR 31050.

Jain University Online BBA

The Jain University Online BBA is intended to help students progress their corporate careers in the industry by developing their business knowledge and leadership skills. The three-year online BBA program provides electives in digital marketing or data science.

This six-semester BBA program gives students a solid understanding of basic management concepts in the first two semesters before delving into their chosen elective in-depth in the third trimester. The knowledge learned throughout the course is reinforced by a hands-on activity.

A comprehensive course of study A future-ready elective in analytics and data science or digital marketing can be added to an online BBA degree. programs that are comparable to full-time classroom programs in terms of hours and credits

Jain University Online BCom

The BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) program offered by Jain University Online is a comprehensive course. It is designed to build a strong base for students in the business industry. This online course allows students the convenience and flexibility to pursue their education remotely. The BCom program at Jain University provides a wide range of business-related subjects. These subjects cover accounting, finance, taxes, economics, business law, and management. This knowledge equips students with valuable skills and understanding necessary for succeeding in corporate environments.

Students in this program engage in practical learning exercises throughout the coursework. These exercises include analyzing financial statements, understanding corporate regulations, and applying economic principles to real-world scenarios. The enrollment fee for Jain University’s online BCom program is affordable, making it accessible. It also prepares students for various employment opportunities in sectors such as banking, taxation, accounting, etc.

Jain University Online MBA

An online MBA is an excellent choice if you wish to grow in management and business. This degree opens up a wide range of employment opportunities for you, boosts your earning potential, allows you to advance your technical and managerial skills, and broadens your professional network.

The two-year Jain University Online MBA Course consists of foundation classes, core courses, electives, and a comprehensive master thesis assignment, as well as the option to finish a cross-functional and open elective. Students can learn at their own pace and in their own comfort throughout the week as well as at any time and from any location thanks to the program’s versatility. Because of it, they can learn while they are working.

Jain University Online MCA

Because of the continuous advancements in technology, businesses of all sizes are looking for experts with strong IT knowledge and skills. The two-year Jain University Online MCA consists of foundational, core, and capstone courses as well as the option to complete a cross-functional and open elective.

The core programs follow the AICTE-recommended model curriculum for a full-time online MCA program. They were developed with the demands of the industry in mind in order to provide a thorough understanding of the theories and tools required to design software applications. The goal of the online MCA program is to assist students to develop their technical knowledge and abilities so they can rise more swiftly in their careers as corporate IT employees.

Jain University Online MCom

To enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities, students are compelled to undergo rigorous courses and undertake research projects throughout their degree. In this process, they gain the skills necessary to understand complex financial data, formulate successful business strategies, and navigate the intricacies of the corporate world.

Jain University’s Online MCom adeptly combines intensive academics with real-world applications, offering students the requisite knowledge and skills for excelling in a tough business climate. Completing this degree enables students to widen their career prospects, gain a profound understanding of commerce, and evolve into proficient professionals in the field. This course is crafted using easy-to-understand Markdown language and embraces a professional tone.

Jain University Online Fee Structure

The fee structures for each Jain University Online Learning are different because the institution offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees. The university assesses a modest fee as part of its pricing policy. As a result, the Jain University Online MBA Fee ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 40,000. The cost of postgraduate university programs, including the MBA, MA, MCA, and MSc, ranges from INR 30,000 to INR 50,000 annually.

Jain University Online Education Admission

Jain University Online MBA Admission will be opening soon. The university’s Centre for Distance Education (CDE) offers several degree programs – undergraduate, professional, and traditional – supporting an easy application procedure through online mediums.

The esteemed CDE Jain programs offer a streamlined and user-friendly online application. Candidates interested in registering are required to pay a registration fee of INR 300. An additional entrance fee will also be necessary for progressing with the application. Online tuition payment is facilitated through several modes including UPI, credit/debit cards, and internet banking.

CDE Jain University offers a comprehensive list of degrees including but not limited to BA, BCOM, BSC, BCA, BBA, MA, MSC, MBA, and MCA. For admission to professional postgraduate courses, such as an MBA, students are required to clear exams like CAT, CMAT, or GMAT.

Step 1: Visit the official website for Jain University Online Education Admissions as your first step. Candidates should make sure to look at the page on the university’s curriculum.
Step 2: Subsequently, select “Apply Now.”
Step 3: Decide the stream you wish to apply for and fill out the necessary portions of the application.
Step 4: Upload your most recent passport-sized photo, your signature, and scans of your identification
Step 5: To save your data, choose “save and preview.”
Step 6: Double-check your data before submitting it because modifications cannot be made after the document has been filed.
Step 7: To pay the registration cost, you may do it online or with a credit or debit card.
Step 8: You will receive an email or text message confirming your acceptance following the review of your documents and payment of the application fee. Along with your registration number, you will receive information regarding your LMS login.

Jain University Online Education Eligibility Criteria

  1. The minimum eligibility requirements are 10 + 2, as determined by the relevant disciplinary group committee, for the BA, B.Sc., B.Com, BBA, BCA, and BMS programs.
  2. Admission to the B.Tech program requires at least a 10+2 grade point average in biology, physics, or chemistry.
  3. The combined score of 10 + 2 must be at least 45–50% in order to be admitted to the university.
  4. Candidates must be at least 18 years old in order to continue their studies.


Jain Online University supports the concept of equal opportunity. In order to help deserving students who might otherwise find it difficult to pay for their future education, they offer scholarships. The details of the two scholarships that Jain Online University is offering are given below.

Defense Personnel Scholarship: Only the immediate family members of military personnel are eligible for this scholarship program. Members of the Army Service Corps are currently eligible for this award (ASC).

Government-sponsored Scholarship for Students: The government must provide funding for the recipients of this prize. The institute works together with numerous countries’ Ministries of Education on this scholarship initiative. Students enrolling in the Guyana Online Academy of Learning are eligible for this grant at the moment (GOAL).

Jain University Online Placements

The placement assistance service of Jain University Online Education provides its students with high-quality recommendations. The Placement Assistance functions as a bridge to connect students with significant recruiters and assist them with their placements.

Through placement assistance services, students can hone their existing skills and discover new ones as they pursue education on the topic of their choice. More than 50 recruiting companies are available from Jain Online. In the end, the placement drive serves as the main institution that helps a student develop both their soft skills and personality.

Jain University Online MBA Review

Course Content: For all undergraduate and graduate courses offered by Jain University Online MBA Program, the course material is regularly updated to reflect advancements made in the discipline or sector in question.

Teaching: The entire faculty team is very supportive and professional, enabling a student to pick a suitable and prosperous career in management, the arts, science, or other sectors.

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