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Is LPU Online Good or Bad? – Review and Facts

Oh No!! You're Missing The (FREE) Career Guidance

About Is LPU Online Good or Bad? – Review and Facts

The well-known Lovely Professional University (LPU), in Punjab, has a division called LPU Online that offers online educational support to students. It is a university that has received approval from both the UGC and the AICTE and offers programmes like the MBA, MCA, BCA, M.Sc., B.A., and M.A. If you are thinking about enrolling in a course at the university because it has a strong reputation among academics and business organisations, continue reading to learn more about the university’s full evaluation based on a number of criteria.

All about LPU Online University

  • While distance learning is available throughout India, the quality of education is lacking.
  • In a variety of subjects, Lovely Professional University offers undergraduate, graduate, and diploma programmes.
  • The university also offers a career support system after the course has been completed.
  • Lovely Professional University offers comfortable distance learning programmes in Punjabi, Hindi, and English.
  • Students can get assistance from the university with their projects and assignments. The university does not offer any distance learning technical courses, claims the government.
  • Regular courses include technical courses.
  • Reduce the number of technical courses the university offers for all subjects. On the university’s official website, the university posts the online results.

Consider These Factors When Choosing Online College

For some people, obtaining a college degree online is more practical and accessible than doing so the conventional way. You must choose the right online
college in addition to deciding which degree you want to earn online. Selecting the best online college for you can be challenging because there are so many things to take into account.

Pick a reputable online education that has the appropriate accreditation, experience, and specialisation. Students with prior college and professional experience benefit from transfer and life credits.

The main considerations you should make when selecting an online university are listed below, along with a review of LPU Online based on those considerations.

1. Accreditation

Is degree program accreditation?
Selecting an accredited programme is crucial because regionally accredited institutions must adhere to stringent requirements. You must be enrolled in a programme that has been accredited by the Department of Education if you want to apply for financial aid because only those programmes are eligible for federal funds.

Over the years, LPU has offered students high-quality higher education, and now its online division, LPU Online, has also succeeded in obtaining significant accreditations and approvals from the accreditation bodies of India and abroad, including:

  • The UGC, or University Grants Commission
  • AICTE stands for All India Council for Technical Education (for technical courses: MBA, MCA)
  • WES, or World Education Services
  • NIRF, or the National Institutional Ranking Framework (Ranked in Top 70 Universities Overall)
  • 2022 THE University Rankings (Ranked Among Top 50 Universities of India)

LPU Online has a good reputation and is approved. Given that it has a good reputation in India, it is a completely credible institution of higher learning and can add value to your educational resume.

2. Costs

How does the cost of the degree and the institution compare in terms of tuition?
To get the best return on your investment, make sure to compare prices. Not all expensive online degrees promise the results in learning and employment that you want.

Students have access to courses through LPU Online that enable them to continue their higher education on an affordable budget and without any hassles. With financing options, such as the semester mode of payment, which enables students to pay in instalments, the course fees are within a reasonable range and can be afforded by students from different financial backgrounds. There are some additional benefits available to students, such as a reduced course fee when paying all at once or early admission to the university. As a result, students can easily pursue courses from LPU Online.

Here is the detail of the fee structure of LPU:


Fees INR






 1,40,000 INR


96,000 INR




76,000 INR 


16,000 INR

The fees listed above apply to Indian and SAARC nationals who select the semester payment option for their tuition. International students from countries outside of SAARC pay different tuition rates. If students decide to enrol in the courses early or pay the entire course fee in one go, they will receive a compensatory discount on the amount of the course fee.

Therefore, students can enrol in LPU Online University courses at reasonable costs.

3. Experience Providing Online Education

Since experience is generally regarded as the best teacher, choosing from among the online colleges of today with the most experience is a great idea. This is why you should consider the founding year of an online school when conducting your research.

  • At LPU Online, the university is committed to making sure that students receive a top-notch education that is on par with traditional degrees earned offline. To make sure of this, the faculty is extremely qualified, which aids students in developing a thorough understanding of the ideas and course material.
  • Additionally, there are facilities like webinars and interaction sessions with notable industrialists, experts, etc. to improve the learning experience for students. The main goal is to expose students to real-world situations in which they can apply the concepts they have learned. They benefit professionally from this as well.

Consequently, faculty-wsie, LPU Online can be a good option for you as it has a knowledgeable and experienced faculty that is helpful and that can be contacted in cases of need.

4. The Number of Courses and Majors Offered

The availability of the course you want to enrol in is undoubtedly one of the most important things you should confirm before applying to an online college because it is essential to achieving the career of your dreams.

Keep in mind to carefully read the course catalogue. Do not be afraid to contact the school and ask for a copy if it is not readily available online. The course catalogue should always be consulted. It will inform you of the objectives, goals, degree of difficulty, required materials, deadline, and many other things.

The fact that the online school offers the course you want is insufficient. The fact that it is well-known for that course is also crucial.

There are courses offered by LPU Online in all major disciplines, including humanities, sciences, computer applications, management, and commerce. In order to meet the academic and career goals of the students/applicants, both undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses are offered.









Computer application








5. Asynchronous Learning and Hybrid Classes

All online courses are not created equal.

Some of them are conducted virtually just fine, but in order to take part in discussions and other activities that would typically happen in a physical classroom, all of the students must be online at the same time. In other words, the times for these online classes are set in advance.

Online classes are another option, but they only take place when you have time to sit in front of your computer. Asynchronous learning is what it is called, and it is ideal for working adults with busy and erratic schedules.

The LMS used by LPU Online has received certification for its special and effective tools and learning resources. In order to provide students with a comprehensive learning environment that enables them to learn at their own pace and maximise the course, it has been specifically designed to make learning convenient, insightful, and interesting. Below is a list of the university’s academic pedagogy and key LMS features:

LMS Features at LPU Online

E-books, journals, articles, case studies, and other digital learning resources

Research Facilities  

Virtual Labs

Webinars with Professional Experts

Live and Recorded Lectures Availabl

Chat Facilities for Doubt Clarifications 

Discussion Forums to Enhance Exchange of Ideas 

Access to Free Online Certification Courses

The proctored online mode is also an effective way to conduct the examination and evaluation facilities. Students can conveniently take exams from a location of their choice thanks to advanced artificial intelligence technology that oversees the examinations.

Conclusion- Is LPU online is GOOD or BAD?

Lovely Professional University Online is a solid choice among the top online universities in India when all factors and infrastructure facilities offered by the university are taken into account. Major accreditations, statutory body approvals, an effective LMS, and strong placement support are all present. Below are some of the university’s top qualities that may influence your decision to pursue a degree there:

  • Online University with UGC Accreditation

  • Acknowledged by the WES, AICTE, AIU, etc.

  • Numerous Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Offered

  • With Attractive Fee Concessions, the Fee Range is Reasonably Priced

  • Qualified Internal and External Faculty

  • Effective LMS

  • Complete professional and placement assistance

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