How Online MBA Programs Can Boost Your Salary by 50%

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If you’re a working professional contemplating enrolling in an Online MBA Course to boost your career, this blog will provide valuable insights into how to manage higher studies while continuing to pursue your career. It will also help you determine if an online MBA course is worth your time and effort.

Enrolling in an online MBA program in India as a working professional may present challenges, but it is certainly achievable, especially when you choose a reputable institute that can support you throughout the journey.

Numerous MBA professionals can attest to the fact that pursuing online MBA courses in India can lead to a significant increase in income, with an average rise of 30% to 50%. An MBA program has a proven track record of positively impacting career growth. Therefore, it’s an opportune time to consider upgrading yourself and exploring the possibilities an online MBA can offer.

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Overview of Online MBA Program

To begin, let’s define what online MBA programs are all about. Online MBA Programs provide the flexibility and convenience of studying from anywhere, anytime, without sacrificing the quality of education. These programs are designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals and offer the same curriculum and accreditation as traditional MBA programs.

Flexibility and convenience are two significant advantages of online MBA programs that can greatly benefit working professionals seeking to boost their salaries. Let’s explore these aspects further, using real-life examples to illustrate their impact.

1. Flexibility: Online MBA programs offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and location. Working professionals often have demanding schedules, making it challenging to attend traditional on-campus classes. However, with online programs, individuals can access course materials and lectures at their convenience, fitting their studies around their work commitments.

For example, Poonam, a marketing manager at a multinational company, wanted to pursue an MBA to advance her career. However, her job required her to travel frequently, making it difficult to commit to fixed class timings. By enrolling in an online MBA program, Poonam could access lectures and course materials whenever her schedule allowed, whether she was in a hotel room or on a long flight. This flexibility enabled her to balance her work responsibilities and studies effectively, leading to her successful completion of the program.

2. Convenience: Online MBA programs provide the convenience of learning from anywhere, eliminating the need for commuting or relocating for education. This is particularly beneficial for individuals living in remote areas or those with family responsibilities.

Consider John, a project manager with a young family. Attending a traditional MBA program would have required him to uproot his family or commute long distances, significantly impacting his work-life balance. Instead, John opted for an online MBA program. He could study from the comfort of his home while still being present for his family. This convenience allowed him to pursue his educational goals without disrupting his personal life.

Furthermore, the convenience of Online Education enables professionals to access educational resources and collaborate with peers from around the world. Virtual platforms and discussion forums create a global learning community where individuals can engage in enriching discussions, share diverse perspectives, and build valuable connections.

An online MBA for a better salary?

Finding out whether an online MBA program can boost your salary by 50% requires considering various factors. However, it is widely acknowledged that MBA graduates tend to earn higher salaries compared to other degree holders.

In today’s competitive job market, employers value skills, knowledge, and certifications. An Online MBA for working professionals is an excellent way to acquire these qualifications. On average, individuals experience a 30% to 50% increase in their salary after completing an MBA program. This is because an MBA helps professionals progress to higher levels within their organizations, resulting in better pay packages.

Moreover, online MBAs in India offer subject specializations that help individuals achieve specific career goals. Forbes reports a significant increase in salary potential for professionals pursuing an online MBA. This degree not only advances career paths but also accelerates earning capacity.

One of the advantages of an MBA is the abundance of opportunities it opens up for mid-level and higher-level management roles within organizations. The financial and time investments made in pursuing an MBA yield professional dividends in the long run, setting individuals apart from their peers in terms of experience and qualifications.

Furthermore, an MBA enhances earning potential by increasing the prospects of promotion within one’s current industry or by opening doors to higher positions in new industries. Companies seek working professionals who possess work experience and demonstrate self-motivation in investing in their development. Top Online MBA Programs in India are an ideal choice for individuals who can maintain a disciplined study routine, prioritize preparation and knowledge expansion, and effectively manage their time to strike a balance between work and study.

Breaking Down MBA Salaries: Average Pay for Different Job Roles in India

Let’s examine the differences in MBA pay in India according to employment roles.

The majority of professionals acquire an MBA to move up a few rungs on the corporate ladder. You are most likely to land in a middle management position if you pursue an MBA while continuing on your present work path. The MBA salaries for various employment roles are listed below, according to studies.

Online MBA

Job Role

Average Salary (Per Annum) 
IT Manager INR 10-20 lakhs
Marketing Manager INR 8-15 lakhs
Human Resource Manager INR 8-14 lakhs
Operation Manager INR 8-12 lakhs
Financial Analyst INR 7-12 lakhs
Take a Look at These Colleges for Online MBA

When considering accredited Online MBA programs in India, it is important to choose a reputable institution that offers high-quality education and is recognized in the industry. Here are some colleges in India that offer online MBA programs worth considering:

1. Manipal Online Education

Manipal University, established in 1953, is a renowned institution offering courses in various disciplines, including management, business management, technical fields, and professional domains. In line with the evolving educational landscape, Manipal University, Jaipur (MUJ), has introduced Online Manipal to provide online education for students. As a reputed and accredited MBA online college in India, Manipal University offers carefully designed courses approved by prestigious bodies such as UGC-DEB, NAAC (A+), AICTE, NIRF (Ranked 7), AIU, ICES, and more.

Choosing Manipal University for your online MBA education ensures reliability and credibility. The online MBA courses are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of online students while ensuring that they receive training on par with those pursuing regular offline courses. Online Manipal offers the best online MBA course, a two-year full-time postgraduate program with eight specializations. This comprehensive program equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen field of specialization.

2. Lovely Professional Online University

LPU Online, located in Jalandhar, Punjab, is an excellent choice for pursuing your dream MBA degree through online mode. LPU (Lovely Professional University) is a renowned institute known for its commitment to higher education and holds recognition in both the academic and professional spheres. Online MBA education at LPU guarantees you a quality education on par with their offline offerings and online MBA programs for international students.

LPU Online has garnered accreditations and recognition from prestigious bodies such as UGC-DEB, NAAC, NIRF (ranked in the top 100 universities), AICTE, and World University Rankings, among others. These accreditations reflect the institution’s commitment to maintaining high educational standards and providing students with a valuable learning experience. LPU Online offers a wide range of courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

3. Jain Online University

Jain Online University, located in Bangalore, is a deemed-to-be university that was established by Dr. Chenraj Roychand. It is known for its commitment to providing quality education and offering a wide range of academic programs. Among its educational initiatives, Jain Online is a prominent division of Jain University dedicated to providing online courses through distance and online modes. Jain Online offers a diverse range of online courses, catering to students who prefer the flexibility and convenience of distance learning. The courses offered cover various fields of study, including management, commerce, information technology, and more.

With a focus on delivering high-quality education, Jain Online ensures that students receive comprehensive learning materials, interactive online sessions, and access to experienced faculty members. The online courses provided by Jain Online are designed to meet the evolving needs of students and enable them to pursue higher education without compromising their professional or personal commitments. Students have the flexibility to access course materials, participate in virtual classes, and engage with fellow learners through online platforms.

4. Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University Online is a leading online university that provides an MBA program through virtual learning platforms. It is widely recognized as one of the best online universities for pursuing an MBA. The university holds accreditations from prestigious statutory bodies such as UGC-DEB, NAAC (A+), AIU, and AICTE, ensuring the credibility and reliability of the institution.

By choosing Chandigarh University Online for your higher education, you can be confident in the quality of education you will receive. The MBA course offered by CU Online is a two-year program designed specifically for online learning. This format allows flexibility and convenience while ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

5. Amity Online University

Amity University is highly regarded in the academic community, particularly in higher education. Its online counterpart, Amity Online University, is an extension of the prestigious educational group, aiming to deliver world-class education directly to students’ homes through virtual platforms. This online MBA college in India holds reputable accreditations and approvals from various esteemed organizations, including UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC (A+), WES, AIU, and ACU, and has achieved recognition in QS World Rankings, among others. These credentials demonstrate the institution’s commitment to maintaining high standards and providing an affordable online MBA program for students.

Obtaining an online degree from Amity Online University ensures the validity and credibility of your qualification. The university offers a specially tailored MBA degree with specializations available in 12 areas related to business administration. This specialized approach provides students with a professional advantage, equipping them with in-depth knowledge and expertise in their chosen field upon completing the degree. The range of specializations allows students to align their studies with their career goals and interests, enhancing their prospects in the competitive job market.

6. DY Patil Vidyapeeth Centre for Online Learning

D.Y. Patil University-Centre for Online Learning (DPU-COL) is an esteemed extension of DY Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune, which is widely recognized as one of the best universities in India with a strong alumni network. DPU-COL is dedicated to making higher education accessible to students through its offering of full-time degree courses and certificate programs in online mode. Accredited and recognized by esteemed bodies such as UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC (A++), NIRF, AIU, ACU, WES, and ISO, the university holds a reputable status in the field of online education.

DPU-COL offers the best online MBA in India, providing students with the opportunity to pursue a full-time two-year postgraduate degree in a flexible and convenient online format. The MBA program offers specializations in 14 different areas, enabling students to focus their studies on specific fields of interest. The degree obtained from this university carries validity and reputation, ensuring that students are equipped with a recognized qualification upon completion.

7. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is a prestigious government-open university established with the primary objective of making higher education accessible to students nationwide through correspondence and distance learning. Over the years, IGNOU has expanded its offerings and now provides full-time online courses to cater to the evolving needs of students.

IGNOU holds various accreditations and recognitions from esteemed bodies such as UGC, UGC-DEB, NCTE, AICTE, INC, and NAAC (A++), ensuring the credibility and validity of the degrees awarded by the university. Being a government-run institution, IGNOU offers a reliable and recognized educational experience. It is the cheapest online MBA course no GMAT is offered by IGNOU and is a two-year postgraduate program. By pursuing this course, students can gain in-depth knowledge and skills in business administration, enhancing their career prospects and opportunities for growth.

8. Manav Rachna Centre For Distance And Online Education

Manav Rachna University, located in Faridabad, Delhi NCR, offers options for pursuing an online or distance MBA. The university’s Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE) aims to make undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses accessible to students by providing them online or by distance mode.

The MBA online university at Manav Rachna is accredited by reputable bodies such as UGC-DEB, NAAC, QS, and AICTE. The university has also received several awards and recognitions from esteemed awarding bodies, further highlighting its commitment to quality education. The MBA course offered by Manav Rachna University is a two-year postgraduate program that allows students to specialize in one of the nine available specializations. Additionally, the university provides provisions for dual specializations, giving students the flexibility to enhance their expertise in multiple areas of business administration.

9. Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI).

ICFAI Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE) in Hyderabad, India is an initiative by the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, focused on offering MBA programs to students through online mode. It is considered a reputable online MBA university, given its accreditation by major bodies such as UGC-DEB, NAAC (A+), NIRF, and AICTE, among others.

The MBA course at ICFAI CDOE is offered in Open Distance Learning (ODL) mode, providing flexibility and convenience for students. This mode of learning allows students to pursue their MBA degree at their own pace while maintaining their personal and professional commitments. By choosing ICFAI CDOE for your online MBA education, you can be confident in the quality of the program, as it holds important accreditations and is recognized For its commitment to higher education. The ODL mode ensures that you can access course materials and engage in learning activities from anywhere, making it a suitable choice for working professionals and individuals seeking a flexible learning environment.

10. Symbiosis Skills And Professional University

Established in 1971 by Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, Symbiosis is renowned for its excellence in management education and is considered one of the top institutions in India. Over the years, Symbiosis University has expanded its offerings to include online and distance education programs to cater to a wider audience. Symbiosis Skills & Professional University (SSPU) is a prestigious member of the Symbiosis group. It houses the Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning (SCOL), which is dedicated to providing a diverse range of top-rated online MBA Programs.

SCOL’s primary goal is to make higher education affordable and accessible to individuals from all sections of society. Through SCOL, Symbiosis offers a wide array of online courses, spanning various disciplines and domains. These courses are designed to meet the evolving needs of learners and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen fields. SCOL ensures that students receive high-quality education through comprehensive online learning materials, interactive sessions, and the support of experienced faculty members.


In India, where the economy is expanding quickly, MBAs are highly sought after. The enormous salaries indicated above serve as evidence of this. India is becoming the base for many businesses. To reach their leadership and managerial ranks, the majority of them require MBA degrees. Most of these businesses are in the IT industry, but there are also several from the consumer goods, banking, and consulting industries. We hope you enjoyed reading about salaries for MBAs in India. These figures are only estimates. The true A A determinant of your income is the abilities you possess, the mastery you have acquired of them, and how quickly you grow and help the firm expand.

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