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Digital Universities providing quality education And solution to Shortage of Seats

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About Digital Universities providing quality education And solution to Shortage of Seats

To change the traditional education structure of India, central government will lay out a Digital University in various languages in India and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) formats. A declaration with this impact had been made in the current year’s budget plan. Digital Universities are the solution for some problems like shortage of seats, good faculties, education infrastructure, and many more issues faced by the students.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi being extremely aggressive with regards to this project, the universities are expected to rely up by August 2022, democratizing schooling in a nation where partitions are in abundance. In the present education system, there is dependably extreme lack of seats in good universities/colleges/institutes.

What is Digital Universities?

Digital Universities was proposed to be laid out for the first time in the Indian Union Budget 2022. The main objective of Digital University is to extend admittance to top quality education programs by using cutting-edge ICT (Information and Communications Technology) tools and formats.

Digital Universities is introduced as a center point and spoke concept, with Digital University filling in as the center point and various top quality education organizations.  In an organization with the partnerships, Digital University will offer programs at the diploma, degree, and certificate levels.

The Digital Universities will comprise of three key components i.e., a digital content developer, a technological platform provider and a higher education institutions (HEIs), with Digital University at its centre.

Solution to get quality education

Digital Universities will upgrade to the education system in the country, especially higher education. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown gave the authorities the excuse to do so. Taking upon the accessible available and open opportunity, it was declared in the Indian Budget 2022 that India will have a digital university, one that would interface the national, public and local levels and reach out to the country’s most distant districts.

Greater part of the universities and colleges in the nation are additionally facing shortage of good faculties, and this is the main reason that why majority of the students run towards top organizations, which results in percentage and cut off marks are going up every year. With the digital institution appearing, now limitless number of students would go to a similar class taken by the top educators of the country and in abroad.

How Digital Universities will work?

President Ram Nath Kovind said on the 19th convocation of Tezpur University that it will become an active stakeholder in this initiative.

Measures like digital universities, e-Vidya, One Class One Channel, and digital labs which will give better and quality education to the students in towns and modest communities, and having a place with poor financial and educational set up.

There would be no difference between online and conventional degrees when it comes to recognition. New regulations for online programs will be notified in March this year.

Subsequently, the PM called upon all stake holders or partners including Education Ministry, UGC and AICTE to work with speed on the project, keeping in mind international standards. Assessment will be done through web-based administered test or PC based test by the NTA (National Testing Agency). There would be no difference among on the web and traditional degrees with regards to acknowledgment. New guidelines for online projects will be advised in March this year.

Students who has taken admission in digital programs will get the advantage to access library resources. Program educational plan, program structure and learning result for online projects will be same as conventional programs. Digital universities will guarantee quality education, skill development, etc.

Jagadesh Kumar, The UGC chairman, said that UGC is planning to eliminate the limitations to offer only 13 online based degree courses by the institutes or universities. The UGC executive chairman also clarified that there wouldn’t be any un-employed instructors or teachers due to the increased focus on online based educating system or teaching.

Affiliation of Universities and Colleges to Digital University

Prof. V Kamakoti, Director of IIT Madras, said “We actually understand certain access barriers in a much clearer way and we were able to address access barriers. For instance, we are trying to get such a local chapter which can bring these people together that can become a sort of a very interesting thing in the digital university”.

Additionally he said about the Affiliation of Colleges to Digital University – “Also, colleges can get affiliated to the digital university. And it can admit students to the local program and provide local support to local students”.

From the Umeacademy Director’s Desk

Umeacademy CEO  Rakesh Shukla said – “Students will get an advantage to get the quality education from the top notch universities via Digital Universities and it is the best solution for the students who can’t get seats in the reputed institutes/universities due to Shortage of Seats. I am keen about this concept of Digital Universities”.

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