Difference between Open Degree and Regular Degree

Regular Courses Vs Online Courses

Before getting started with the differentiation between the Open Degree and Regular Degree, firstly you have to understand about what is Regular Degree and what is Open Degree?

Both the modes i.e. Open Degree and Regular Degree are designed for different sections of aspirants and both the course degrees have their own pros and cons. Now it’s up to you that what you choose. Yet it depends on you and your preferences or circumstances, which mode you choose to pursue your higher studies.

Regular Degree or Full Time Degree Course is a traditional education system in which most of the aspiring try to get admission, as it is the most demandable mode of all times to do degree course. It is available in every stream, including Science, Commerce, and Humanities. Regular Degree or Full Time Degree Course you are required to attend classes on regular basis and have to do interaction with the teachers or Lecturers.

MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource and Development) Department of Higher Studies tells that Open degree mode is a system that offers all the students to get open admission through distance programs and online learning programs. In this you need not to attend any regular classes.

Open Degree Vs Regular Degree

Regular Degree

Open Degree

You has to pay a big amount of fees to get admission in your desired field like – tuition fee, hostel fee, mess fee, etc.

Not very expensive than the regular degree course and can be accessed at are very nominal price.

You have to attend classes on regular basis and have to be present at the same time and same place.

There is no need to attend any classes and no need to be present at the same time and same place.

You have to study according to the college schedule.

Candidates have to prepare themselves for your desired discipline or course.

You can clarify all your doubt as there is direct interaction between you and teachers or Lecturers.

You do not have any support to ask any doubt or query. As you will get study materials for various courses through the study centers and online facilities.

You can make new friends with whom you can share their ideas

Candidates can’t make new friends to share your ideas.

You can participate in various activities with other classmates like -Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Quiz, Seminars, and many more.

 There is no social interaction and you can’t participate in any of the activities conducted by the university.

You can get the campus placement and more job opportunities.

Candidates have to search for their job themselves and also no assistance provided in online mode.

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Types of Open Degree Programms Offered in India

  • Masters Online Degree
  • Bachelors Online Degree
  • Online Diploma
  • Online Certificate

Types of Regular Degree Programms Offered in India

  • UG or Bachelors Degree
  • PG or Masters Degree
  • Diploma Courses
  • PG Diploma
  • PG Certificate
  • PG and Advance Diploma
  • PG and Advance Certificate
  • Phil Courses
  • Doctoral Degree
  • Certificate Courses
  • Non-Credit Programmes


Online degree and Regular degree have same value in the market, because most of the organizations or business focuses on knowledge and skills rather on degree type.

But you should have more practical knowledge of your discipline then mode of getting degree doesn’t matter for anyone. Once you get enough experience, you can get good job opportunities on the basis of your experience. Do not lose hope. Keep working on yourself.

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