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‘Welcome to our comprehensive blog on Calicut University Distance Education Admission for the year 2024! If you’re considering pursuing higher education while balancing work or personal commitments, Calicut University’s Distance Education programs might be the ideal choice for you. This blog aims to provide you with valuable insights into the admission process, fees, and essential details to help you embark on your educational journey with confidence.

Whether you are a working professional seeking to upskill, a busy parent aiming to complete a degree, or an individual looking for flexible learning options. Through this blog, we aim to shed light on the step-by-step admission process, eligibility criteria, and crucial dates you need to be aware of to secure your spot in one of the esteemed programs offered by the university.

Join us as we explore the various faculties and courses available, highlighting the university’s commitment to providing quality education through distance learning. Additionally, we will delve into the fee structure, financial assistance options, and scholarships available, making it easier for you to plan your academic journey effectively.

The blog will also feature testimonials from past students, giving you valuable insights into their experiences and successes while pursuing their education through Calicut University’s Distance Education program. Furthermore, we will address frequently asked questions and offer expert tips to ensure a smooth and hassle-free admission process.

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Calicut University Highlights

  • University Name: Calicut University Distance Education
  • Approved by: UGC (University Grants Commission)
  • Session: 2024-25
  • Offered Courses: BA, BBA, BSc, MA, M.Com, MBA, and other courses.
  • Selection Criteria: Admission is based on Merit Score.
  • Registration Fee: Rs 500/-
  • Admission Process: Admission can be done online or offline.

Calicut University Distance Courses

In the following section, you will find information about the Calicut University Distance Courses:

  • BA (Bachelor of Arts)
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • BSc (Bachelor of Science)
  • MA (Master of Arts)
  • MCom (Master of Commerce)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • And other distance courses as well.
Calicut University Distance Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the MBA program, you must have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution. Additionally, you are expected to clear the entrance exam conducted by Calicut University. So, have you checked if you are qualified?

The eligibility criteria for a program or course typically outline the minimum requirements that an applicant must meet to be considered for admission. Please note that the specific eligibility criteria can vary based on the university, program, and level of study.

  • Educational Qualifications: Applicants are required to have completed certain educational qualifications, such as a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree, depending on the level of the program they are applying for.
  • Minimum Percentage/Grade: Some programs may have a minimum percentage or grade requirement that applicants must meet in their previous academic studies.
  • Age Limit: Certain programs may have an upper or lower age limit for applicants.
  • Specific Subject Requirements: For specialized programs, there might be specific subject requirements that applicants need to have studied in their previous education.
  • Entrance Exams: Some programs may require applicants to take and qualify in specific entrance exams as part of the eligibility criteria.
Calicut University Distance MBA

Calicut University Distance MBA program through its School of Distance Education (SDE). The Distance MBA program allows students to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree from the comfort of their homes or workplaces, making it an ideal choice for individuals who cannot attend regular on-campus classes due to various constraints.

Here is some general information about the Calicut University Distance MBA:

  • Program: Distance Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Specializations: The program offers specializations in Marketing, Finance, International Business Studies, and Human Resource Management.
  • Approval: The Distance MBA program offered by the SDE, Calicut University, is approved and recognized by regulatory bodies such as UGC, AICTE, and DEC (as of my last update).
  • Eligibility: The specific eligibility criteria may vary, so it’s important to check the university’s official website for the latest requirements.
  • Duration: The program’s duration is typically two years, divided into four semesters.
Calicut University Distance MBA Fees

These are the Calicut University Distance MBA Fees. The course fee is divided into two years, with different amounts for the first and second years of study.

  • 1st-year fees: Rs 3,570/-
  • 2nd-year fees: Rs 2,670/-
  • Total course fee: Rs 6,240/-
Calicut University Distance MBA Admission Procedure
  • To begin the Calicut University Distance MBA Admission application process, visit the university website.
  • Click on the “Apply” option to initiate the registration process.
  • Complete the registration by providing personal details and academic information as required.
  • Once the registration is done, click on the “Apply Online” option to proceed.
  • Log in using your mobile number and the password you created during registration.
  • Pay the application form fee as per the instructions provided on the website.
  • After successful payment, remember to save the fee receipt for future reference and verification.
Calicut University Distance Education Scholarship

Students belonging to the SC/ST/OBC category and not employed in the private or government sector are eligible for a tuition fee and examination fee waiver when admitted to the university. To avail of this scholarship, students need to submit all the required documents to the university during the application process. Additionally, students with disabilities are also exempted from paying any special or examination fees and are not required to submit medical certificates to claim this exemption.

Calicut University Distance Education Review & Ranking

Regarding the ranking, Calicut University Distance Education was recognized as one of the top universities in India. Its ranking might differ based on the specific discipline or program being evaluated. Rankings are often determined by factors such as academic reputation, research output, faculty-to-student ratio, infrastructure, and student satisfaction.

When it comes to reviews, universities’ overall reputation can be influenced by factors such as the quality of education, faculty expertise, campus facilities, extracurricular activities, job placements, and the overall learning experience. Student reviews and alumni feedback are valuable sources for assessing a university’s strengths and weaknesses.


In conclusion, the Calicut University Distance Education program offers a promising opportunity for students seeking higher education in 2024. With a variety of courses, including the popular Distance MBA with multiple specializations, the university aims to cater to the diverse needs of students who face time and financial constraints for regular on-campus education. It is essential for prospective students to check the university’s official website or reach out for the most current and detailed information on the admission process, eligibility criteria, and course offerings for the 2024 academic year. With the university’s reputable standing and commitment to distance learning, Calicut University’s Distance Education program presents an attractive choice for those aspiring to pursue their academic and professional goals.

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