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The environment we live in is changing right now, and the same is true of educational systems and delivery methods. Despite being one of the most popular academic programs, the traditional MBA model has undergone major changes to give rise to cutting-edge MBA courses over time. One such program that is advancing globalization is the global MBA. You will be trained in accordance with international business practices and changes in the global market through the “Global MBA,” a recent addition to the MBA course curriculum.

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What is a Global MBA Online?

In order to prepare students for leadership and managerial positions in the industry, both regular MBA and global MBA programs are offered. Conventional MBA schools employ a nationalized perspective, whereas global MBA programs adopt a worldwide strategy. The difference between the two is significant.

A global MBA program basically aims to diversify its student base by accepting applicants from all over the world. It adheres to a global curriculum and course structure standard. Consequently, the central focus of a Global MBA program is the concept of bringing together people from all backgrounds.

Students who already hold a bachelor’s degree have the option of enrolling in a global MBA program. Students are taught about a variety of business topics with a focus on international commerce in these programs. A global MBA is a master’s degree program that instructs students on issues related to worldwide or global business. Along with studying business legislation specific to international commerce, students may learn about the challenges of conducting business abroad. Students may learn sophisticated business skills like marketing, finance, and human resource management. In addition, most programs emphasize leadership. Students may be given the ability to hone their leadership abilities through real-world applications throughout a program

Among the advantages of enrolling in a global MBA program are the development of interpersonal communication skills and a deeper comprehension of cultural traditions. Students may also develop their creativity and critical thinking abilities. Students may also learn about organizational structuring through programs.

A global MBA may cost differently. Students should always get in touch with the financial office at their school because variations in schools and programs affect the actual price.

Students are often ready to take on executive positions within businesses or organizations after completing a degree. Students have the option of starting their own businesses or working as managers or executives in an established company. Students who complete this kind of degree may be better prepared to work in professions like global supply chain manager, multinational marketing manager, or international trade policy adviser.

A Global MBA in MBA can be obtained from a number of institutions, some of which are online. Students who attend classes online might be able to fit their coursework in around their employment and family commitments. Use the lead form below to contact the admissions office directly at the institution of your choice after finding your program.

Highlights of the Global MBA Online Program

  • This programs course length ranges from one to two years, depending on the university you are taking the course at.
  • Depending on the university from which you are doing this course, the tuition costs anywhere between Rs. 4 and Rs. 8 lacs.
  • Students learn about the worldwide MBA curriculum during this session.
  • After passing this course, the student is also prepared to enter the world of international business.
  • The student would have access to numerous worldwide recruiters from all around the world.
  • The learner will also get knowledge of the various countries’ work cultures.

What Advantages Does a Global MBA Offer?

All MBA programs, whether they are full-time, part-time, executive, global, or MBA programs, provide bright professional prospects. You can advance in your job by earning an MBA. Then again, what makes the Global MBA so unique?
Here are some arguments in favor of enrolling in a Global MBA program:

  • Join a varied group: Global MBA programs give you the chance to interact with individuals with various perspectives and skill sets because they enroll a diverse range of students from various educational and professional backgrounds. Basically, you may create a strong network of links.
  • Interactive learning environment: The curriculum in global MBA programs has been globalized to meet the needs of the global employment market. Thus, you get to broaden your knowledge base and become more receptive to new ideas while you’re learning and engaging with a varied group of students.
  • Global career opportunities: Your chances of finding work in foreign markets significantly enhance if you have a Global MBA degree. It indicates that you are a capable applicant prepared to take on difficult job duties.

Global MBA Course Curriculum

As mentioned above, some universities offer it as a 1-year course, while others offer it as a 2-year course. The global MBA curriculum has the following core modules:

Business CommunicationAccounting and Management
Behavioral SciencesBusiness Law
Accounting & FinanceDecision Sciences
Sales and Distribution ManagementOperations and Supply Chain Management
Business StrategyLeadership and People Performance
Research MethodologyLeading Change for a sustainable future
Enterprise and Risk ManagementDigital Innovation in Business
Thesis ProjectHR

The modules could vary from university to university, but the basics of Global MBA are mentioned above.

Eligibility Requirements for Taking this Course

  • A bachelors degree from an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 50–55 percent.
  • There is no prerequisite for taking this course other than an interest in the topic matter.
  • Having at least two to three years of work experience is also necessary to enroll in this course.
  • In addition to this, you can check the website of the university you intend to attend to see if they have any unique requirements for enrolling in this course.
Global MBA Admission Process: How do I Register for this Course?

The application process for a global MBA online is the same as for a normal MBA program. Follow these instructions for applying to this course:

  1. Registration: Sign up on the university website after reviewing the qualifying requirements. Your login information will then be given to you via the contact details you provided during the registration process.
  2. Application Form: After signing up, begin filling out your application form by entering your login information. Completely fill out the application form with all the necessary information.
  3. Document Upload: After completing the application, upload all of the necessary papers in the specified size.
  4. Fee payment: Submit the necessary funds to finalize your acceptance procedure after finishing the entire application process. Additionally, print out the application form for your records.
  5. Verification and Confirmation: Once all of this is complete, the institution checks your information and credentials and, if satisfied, sends you a confirmation email.

Why Study for an Online MBA in India?

There is a well-known global need for MBA graduates, and India is no exception. Since they possess the subject knowledge and business acumen needed for business administration and management roles, companies frequently favor MBA graduates over non-MBA candidates. According to the GMAC 2019 Annual Survey Report, there is a 90% demand for Indian MBA graduates throughout Asia. It also claims that the typical income for MBA graduates has increased significantly as of 2019.

Both public and private educational institutions are growing their MBA courses on online platforms as the demand for MBA graduates rises in India. More and more students and professionals are choosing online MBA programs as access to remote MBA education expands.

The two main benefits of online MBA programs are flexibility and affordability. Online MBA programs give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and convenience, just like any other distance education course. Online courses are also far less expensive than traditional courses. Therefore, you can upgrade your skills while continuing to pursue your academic and professional interests by earning an online MBA for roughly a third of the price!

Top MBA Positions in India

Here are five of the highest-paying and most sought-after MBA positions in India:

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO): CTOs are senior executives who oversee all matters pertaining to a company’s technical assets and pursuits. They collaborate closely with IT professionals to identify the organization’s technological requirements, lay out the technical vision, and build both immediate and long-term plans to achieve it.
  • Project Manager : Business executives who manage projects to ensure their timely completion include project managers. Throughout the project development process, they allocate project resources, establish the project budget, maintain track of progress, and communicate with all stakeholders.
  • Marketing Manager : Since every product depends on marketing, the profile of a marketing manager is pertinent to all industries (both B2B and B2C). Marketing managers organize, direct, and control a business’s marketing initiatives. They choose target markets and target audiences, then develop marketing strategies in line with those choices.
  • Finance Manager : As their title implies, finance managers are in charge of overseeing a company’s financial transactions and activities. They monitor cash and investment activities, develop financial policies, construct budgets, and they also pinpoint potential areas for high-return investments.
  • Business Operations Manager: Business Operations Managers have extensive knowledge of operations and supply chain management. Supply chain management is a challenging field, particularly for multinational corporations. Business operations managers make sure that every part of a company runs efficiently. For on-time deliveries, they impose strict quality requirements and raise worker productivity.
In India Salaries for MBA

PayScale estimates that an MBA graduate makes an average salary of 757,876 LPA in India, whereas Glassdoor asserts that this figure is 645,759 LPA. But the pay for various MBA specialties varies. In contrast to an MBA Marketing graduate, who typically makes roughly 400,000 LPA, an MBA Finance graduate will start up with a beginning package of $413,454. An MBA in operations, on the other hand, earns an average annual salary of $825,508, while an MBA in human resources can earn up to $622,178 LPA.

The institute where you received your MBA will also have an impact on your starting pay. IIM alumni regularly obtain prestigious placement offers with reputable businesses.

How to Pick an Online MBA Program

It can be challenging to select an online MBA program that exactly matches your job goals when thinking about enrolling in one. But if you know what metrics to take into account, it doesn’t always have to be so confusing:

1. Accreditation – An institution’s accreditation and affiliation are the most important variables to consider. Many additional private institutions also have a national or international university connection, while online MBA colleges are often linked with a nationalized university. Non-accredited courses have little value in the job market. So always try to pick a program from a reputable institution.

2. Cost – Online MBA schools outperform traditional MBA courses in this area. When you select the online mode, you automatically forgo lodging and travel expenses. Tuition costs are significantly lower than those for on-campus courses since colleges do not need to maintain a physical infrastructure to offer online courses. The overall cost of online MBA programs does, however, vary between institutions. So, pick the option that fits your budget the best.

3. Length – MBA programs on campus typically last two years. However, the length of an online MBA program’s courses might range from 15 to 24 months. These courses were made with your current schedule in mind. Therefore, pick a course that will work with your current obligations for your job and school.

4. Career Assistance – In general, online MBA programs don’t provide assistance with job placement. However, many universities around the nation have started providing career coaching and placement support as part of the online MBA program as a result of the rising demand for MBA graduates. Look for courses that have this option because it might help you get a job right away after finishing the course.


To sum up, a global MBA program exposes you to concepts and trends dictating the global market, freeing you from national boundaries. You can broaden your thinking horizons and prepare your mind for new possibilities by enrolling in a global MBA program.

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