Toppers’ Tips: How Shrenik Sakla prepared for JEE Main, Advanced and got into IIT Delhi

Toppers Tips

Shrenik Mohan Sakla, a student from Amravati, Maharashtra, describes how he managed to balance his academic work with his leisure time as he studied for the JEE Mains and Advanced exams.

When the results of JEE Main 2022 were out, Shrenik Mohan Sakla was ecstatic. In JEE Advanced 2022, Sakla earned AIR 11 before going on to earn AIR 270. He always aspired to attend the IIT; he is from Amravati, Maharashtra.

Shrenik studied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Physical Education in Class 12 before enrolling in the Indian Institute of Technology-(IIT Delhi’s Delhi) BTech program in Maths and Computers. Due to the lack of quality institutions offering the subject in his city, he did not study computer science in school. He is really happy to share his tips and some strategies during his JEE preparation times. So let us look at his preparation journey.

He began his JEE preparation in class eleven and finished my coursework early in class twelve. He made sure to give each subject time each day. He would spend more time studying chemistry because he wasn’t the best at it. It also becomes one of his strongest subjects as a result of this exercise.

The Books He Was Referred To:

As Chemistry was not one of my finest subjects, I read a variety of books, including JD Lee, who ignited my interest in inorganic chemistry, Clayden for organic chemistry, and Neeraj Kumar for physical chemistry.

He used Sameer Bansal and Cengage for math, specifically for calculus. In addition, he studied Physics from Cengage and Anurag Mishra (Balaji Publishing).

The Reason To Read Chemistry Books:

The reason he read so many books is initially he felt that he is weak in chemistry. But after going through all these books he was making his course quality a bit clear and started to understand the course better than ever. His interest was further developed in the subject.

He got so attached to the subject that he took place in the chemistry olympiad and got selected for the camp. The Olympic Games are divided into three phases: the national, the international, and the third stage, the camp. Nevertheless, the camps in 2021 and 2022 were canceled owing to COVID.

His Trick On Revision

He began his review by tackling test questions from the prior year. He used to solve two questions from last year’s exam in a day when there was just a month till the test. After finishing the paper’s analysis, he would read the pertinent theory. His notes would likewise be revised. He took a number of practice exams while getting ready for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. He would study one topic from each subject for six hours each day after the mock paper, followed by an analysis.

Daytime Homework, Evening Relaxation

Most of the time, he studied in the morning or during the day. When he took online coaching, he discovered that it was more time-effective because there was no need to travel, and it also increased productivity because all he had to do was study.

In the evenings, he would engage in leisure pursuits like going for walks. When he was feeling stressed out, he occasionally watched a movie. He loves to read, and right now he is reading “Latitudes of Longing” by Shubhangi Swarup. In his college, he is a member of the literary and debate clubs as well.

His Piece Of Advice For Students

Consider yourself interested in the topic you are learning. To keep readers interested, there should be variety in the topics you discuss. It’s crucial to solve problems and Previous Year’s Questions.

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