Tips of JEE Toppers: Regular studies are key to success

JEE Toppers Tips

Sneha Pareek, who secured AIR 2 in JEE Main, shared her tips and tricks for cracking the challenging exam in an interview.

Sneha Pareek, hailing from Guwahati, achieved All India Rank 2 in JEE Main 2022 and is presently studying Computer Science Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

In an interview, Sneha Pareek discussed her strategies and techniques for succeeding in one of the most challenging exams globally, JEE Main.

What made me choose CSE as my major?

Due to my inclination towards science and technology, and lack of interest in other core branches, I decided to pursue Computer Science. Furthermore, the emergence of new technologies such as data science sparked my curiosity, which ultimately influenced my decision to choose Computer Science as my major.

In my senior year of high school, my curriculum included Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Physical Education. With the awareness that college would teach subjects from the basics, I concentrated on JEE preparation for the last two years of high school. Additionally, I had prior exposure to Computers before the 11th grade. After enrolling in IIT Delhi, I gained knowledge in programming languages such as C++, Python, and other programming languages.

Key to success is consistency

I made it a point to study every day, dedicating as much time as possible to my studies. Unlike some students who stay up late, I prioritized maintaining a regular sleep schedule. I began my preparation early and avoided procrastination. I meticulously studied the coaching material and practiced it regularly.

Simultaneous preparation for JEE Main and Advanced

Following the completion of our coursework in October 2021, we primarily focused on revision. Our coaching mentors devised a weekly timetable for reviewing specific chapters through tests once we had covered all of them. We prepared for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams at the same time, with our coaching center providing us with JEE Main papers for one week and JEE Advanced papers for the next.

Advantages of early preparation

Since I started preparing early (at the beginning of the 11th grade), I did not find any subject particularly challenging. Although my preferred subjects were Mathematics and Chemistry, Physics appeared to be slightly difficult but not insurmountable.

Since I commenced my preparation early (at the start of 11th grade), no subject seemed particularly daunting. While Mathematics and Chemistry were my favorites, I found Physics somewhat challenging but not unmanageable.

Because I started preparing early (at the onset of 11th grade), I did not find any subject overly difficult. Although Mathematics and Chemistry were my preferred subjects, I found Physics slightly challenging but not insurmountable.

What I did to re-energize myself

Whenever I felt stressed or fatigued from studying, I would spend time with my family, particularly my parents. Being a part of a joint family in Guwahati during my preparation period meant that I always had a support system to rely on. Additionally, I enjoyed watching stand-up comedy videos as a means of relaxation.

When I was overwhelmed or exhausted from studying, I spent time with my family, especially my parents. As I lived in a joint family in Guwahati throughout my preparation period, I always had a backup system. Moreover, to unwind, I watched stand-up comedy videos.

If I felt inundated or exhausted from studying, I spent time with my family, particularly my parents. As I belonged to a joint family in Guwahati during my preparation period, there was always a support network to fall back on. Additionally, I used to watch stand-up comedy videos as a way of relaxation.

Reference books I used

I primarily relied on my coaching materials and NCERT books, but I also consulted HC Verma’s book for the theoretical aspects of Physics.

Guidance for candidates

Maintaining a consistent study routine is vital, and students should avoid waiting until the last hour. Success is typically attained by those who give their full effort and remain committed to their studies.

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