IIT Madras is Accepting Applications for six-month Executive Education Programs

IIT Madras

The Centre for Outreach and Digital Education at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras is now accepting applications for its new courses. These executive education courses last six months and are designed for professionals who desire to improve their existing position.

The registration deadline for these courses is June 20, and the programming begins on July 1. This program is being delivered online in order to reach people all throughout the country.

These six months of executive education courses cover topics such as construction technology and management, eMobility and electric vehicle engineering, operations, and supply chain analytics for strategic decision-making, quantum computing, and additive manufacturing technologies from practicing engineers.

In addition to online lectures, these programs involve live interactions with specialists and weekly tasks. The eMobility and Electric Vehicle Engineering course was designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts and practical applications of electric vehicles and related technology.

The first cohort received their program completion certificate on April 29, after successfully completing the program, while the second is still in progress, and registration for the third cohort is now available.

Courses like Quantum Computing and Supply Chain Analytics for Strategic Decision-Making teach the practical principles needed to back up their decisions. Working engineers can learn about the fundamental ideas that underpin the various additive manufacturing methodologies as well as how the acquired knowledge is applied to improve the commercial viability of the additive manufacturing technologies that are currently on the market by enrolling in the Additive Manufacturing course.

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