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JEE Advanced

JEE Main 2023’s top female student is Ridhi Maheshwari. With 100 in math, 95 in physics, and 90 in chemistry, she achieved a 100 percentile score.

The results of JEE Main 2023 were revealed last month, and Ridhi Kamlesh Kumar Maheshwari received a score of 100 percent. With 285 points out of 300, she also has the highest score among girls. In mathematics, physics, and chemistry, the Bengaluru girl received perfect scores of 100, 95, and 90, respectively. At the moment, Ridhi is getting ready for the JEE Advanced. Her goal is to study computer science engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Maheshwari explains how she achieved 100% and what her JEE Advanced 2023 Preparation Plan entails.

What is your biggest driving force to Succeed in IIT?

Although my father intended for me to become a CA, I have always been interested in math and science. I wanted to attend IIT since I watched my brother do it as he was growing up. Since the beginning, my family has been my biggest source of encouragement. When I told them that I wanted to become an engineer, they all supported me, especially my brother who informed my father about the lifestyle and culture of IITs.

My Course Schedule

I spent almost 5 to 6 hours at home, either before or after courses, studying for JEE Main. At 6:30 in the morning, I would get out of bed and start studying. 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. were the start and end times for my classes. If I feel rested after class, I’ll study; otherwise, I’ll go to bed.

My coaching center, Allen Bangalore, sends me sheets for JEE Advanced that contain the question papers, solved papers, and modules from the previous year. Daily coaching and note-revision revision was something else I did. I keep a record of my mistakes to prevent repeating them.

I Consulted Books

The key resource for JEE Main is NCERT. My current focus is on preparing for the JEE Advanced exam, and to that end, I have adopted a systematic approach to my studies. For inorganic chemistry, I am studying VS Jaiswal and K Kumar, while for organic chemistry, I have referred to MS Chouhan and Himanshu Pandey. For physical chemistry, I am relying on Narendra Awasthi and the works of MS Chouhan and K Kumar. In mathematics, I am depending on the comprehensive content of Yellowbook, Pinkbook, and Blackbook. In addition, I am utilizing the knowledge presented in HC Verma and Irodov of Pathfinder, as they offer crucial insights into the subject of physics.

In my spare time or when I’m feeling stressed, I like to go on walks and listen to music.

I have some advice for students taking the JEE Main

Hard work and consistency are crucial for success. Do as the instructor instructs. Make revisions to prevent making the same errors once more.

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