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The “CU-Chayan” site at UGC has features including a compiled list of employment opportunities, a single login for applications, customized dashboards, etc.

According to Jagadesh Kumar, chairperson of the University Grants Commission, a single recruiting website dubbed “CU-Chayan” has been developed for central university faculty vacancies. This website is incredibly easy to use and meets the needs of everyone involved in the hiring process.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) designed this platform to provide a favorable environment for both institutions and candidates, with universities driving all stages of the recruitment autonomously as is being done at the current university, he added.

The platform will include a number of features for job seekers, according to Kumar, including a consolidated list of employment opportunities across all involved universities, a single login for applying to any of the universities, and customized dashboards to assist with application management. Additionally, the candidate can filter their job search by selecting from a number of criteria, including university name, location, designation, category, subject, and type of employment. From the perspective of the applicant, they will be able to use this one platform to access the faculty application procedure of any central institution.

Applicants have the option to transfer their submitted application to any central university that has announced available faculty positions, while also ensuring that it remains up-to-date and managed it conveniently from their personalized dashboard. No sweat!” Be the first to know about exciting new job openings! As a registered candidate, you’ll receive automatic email notifications from any CU every time they post a new position. Don’t miss out on the chance to advance your career – sign up now!

Just to let you know, the only current job vacancies available on this portal are for faculty positions across all CUs. The portal will not be used for any upcoming hiring processes; only those now underway for which adverts have previously been published will do so. Each CU has been instructed by the commission to turn off its recruitment portal. The UGC director clarified that this portal is being maintained by the commission for the benefit of all CUs and is not a consolidated hiring procedure for all central institutions. It’s reassuring to hear that every CU will maintain autonomy over its hiring process. The universities’ central management of the recruitment process ensures a streamlined and effective hiring process while giving each CU the authority to find the best fit for their unique requirements.

The institutions will continue to issue advertisements in newspapers and will provide a link to the CU-Chayan webpage where readers may view the in-depth ads. The VCs (vice-chancellors) of every CU were involved in the development of the CU-Chayan site. It has taken into account their suggestions and comments. Any CU’s unique needs can be met by modifying the portal to include the necessary changes. The use of this platform will also be trained by UGC for CUs, according to Kumar. Real-time application tracking, specialized admin dashboards, and programmable advertising rules will all be available to colleges through the platform. From the first application through the screening, the procedure is entirely online, with payment methods included. It also features integrated email communication tools, online feedback, and reference possibilities for referees, as well as communication facilities for e-mail contact.

Imagine being able to access all the crucial details and insider tips about the application process whenever you need them, without ever having to endure long periods of waiting for updates. This is the amazing capability of our platform that makes it a truly irresistible choice! The university’s selection committee for admissions may inspect the system’s point and research scores for each application, as well as the applicant’s data, and compare each entry’s submitted document with it. Points and remarks made by the screening panel may also be recorded on the site itself, he said.

Over 11,000 teaching positions are open in central higher education institutions, according to statistics presented in Parliament in March by the Ministry of Education. The majority of teaching staff openings among central universities, IITs, and IIMs are at the University of Delhi (DU), the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Kharagpur, and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM)-Tiruchirappalli.

There are 20 IIMs, 23 IITs, and 45 central universities in the nation. The information revealed that 792 of DU’s 1,706 teaching jobs are empty, as opposed to 819 of IIT Kharagpur’s 1,526 positions and 51 of 94 positions at IIM-Tiruchirappalli.

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