CUET UG 2023: Expert Advice For “Manage Time Effectively, Analyze Questions”

CUET UG Expert Advice

For CUET UG 2023, it is advisable to attempt practice mock papers to gain a clearer comprehension of the types of questions that will be posted. Additionally, it would be beneficial to adhere to the Tips and Tricks suggested by subject teachers.

The application procedure for the Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET) UG 2023 commenced on February 9. This test was established by the University Grants Commission in the previous year. Approximately 9.9 lakh students appeared for the examination to secure admission to several universities.

The English paper for CUET UG 2023 is a computer-based test that comprises Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of an objective type. To prepare for this paper, Sakshi from MRG School, Rohini, has shared some tips.

Exam Format and Tips

Students need to acquire skills to respond to each question proficiently and promptly within the allocated time frame as CUET UG 2023 is a test with limited time for each section. For sections 1 and 2, students must answer 40 out of 50 questions in 45 minutes, and section 3 is 60 minutes in duration, where they have to answer 60 questions out of 75. Hence, students must manage their time efficiently.

Students must carefully scrutinize each question and comprehend what is expected in the response for CUET UG 2023. The questions can comprise a combination of memory-based and application-based inquiries. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the underlying concept of each question.

It is advisable to read each question at least twice for CUET UG 2023, as the hints for the answer are frequently present within the question. Reading the questions attentively can simplify comprehension and guide students on what to search for in the answer. It is essential to note that not every question is straightforward, and some may require re-reading. Therefore, students must concentrate while perusing the question paper and respond accordingly.

To manage their time effectively for CUET UG 2023, students should divide the questions based on the time available to them, allowing for strategic problem-solving. Each question carries 5 marks, and sections 1 and 2 are for a total of 200 marks each, while section 3 is for 300 marks. The maximum marks for the exam are 700.

To gain a clearer comprehension of the types of questions that will be posed in CUET UG 2023, it is recommended that students attempt practice mock papers. Familiarizing oneself with the paper pattern well in advance is crucial for CUET UG 2023. This includes understanding how to respond to the questions, the number of questions that will be asked, and other essential details. Acquiring this knowledge beforehand can save time during the exam.

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