ChatGPT, but with a Persona: Inflection AI unveils Pi Chatbot, a ‘kind’ Personal Assistant

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An innovative chatbot was developed by a California-based AI start-up that was created by former DeepMind and LinkedIn co-founders.

AI is currently running full speed ahead. A new chatbot or AI tool appears on the internet every other day. The amazing ChatGPT from OpenAI and its superpowers are well known to the world. The rapid growth of ChatGPT has inspired other businesses and governments to invest knowledge and resources in creating comparable and potent chatbots. Additionally, this AI race appears to be introducing chatbots with AI in newer use cases.

A new chatbot has entered the market, despite the public discourse being dominated by arguments over the morality of using AI and calls for a halt to future advances. A chatbot powered by artificial intelligence has been released by former DeepMind and LinkedIn co-founders through their new company, Inflection AI. Pi, a distinctive AI chatbot with a completely fresh perspective on AI personal assistants, is the next project from Mustafa Suleyman and Reid Hoffman.

What does the Pi chatbot do?

Unlike Google Bard or OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the chatbot known as Pi is unique. The chatbot has been developed, in the words of the firm, to be “supportive, smart, and there for you anytime.” The business has positioned innovation as an AI that serves as a friend rather than an assistant to complete menial duties. And in a sea of chatbots created to produce customized responses to precisely crafted prompts, this seems to be Pi’s most distinctive feature.

“Do you have a query? Want to vent? Do you need an epiphany? You’re prepared to change. getting nowhere today? Let’s talk,” states the description of the official Pi chat Twitter handle.

Infinite information is available based on the user’s needs, and the corporation claims that Pi stands for personal intelligence.

Pi chatbot, according to Inflection, is a brand-new class of computer program that was created to be friendly and helpful. According to the business, billions of text lines from the public internet have been shown to the chatbot in order to aid it. Furthermore, this enables the Pi bot to interact with users and respond to a variety of queries.

“Pi is glad to assist you in every way it can. Discuss whatever you’re interested in with Pi, from movie trivia to quantum physics. When making both major and minor decisions in your life, seek advice. Or, get helpful advice to assist you in learning new hobbies and skills,” the business stated in a tweet.

The chatbot includes a person acting as a “sympathetic sounding board, rather than trying to provide information,” according to Chief Executive Suleyman in an interview with the Financial Times.

Experience with the Pi Bot

We experimented with the chatbot’s web interface. Being able to read text that floats in a welcoming manner and replies with emoticons and words that create empathy made it a pleasurable experience. Four speech options are available on the web version, which reads aloud the text responses on the screen in the most natural manner possible.

We also requested the bot to compose a 100-word essay on India in order to assess its general knowledge. The robot provided the following response:

“The huge and multifaceted nation of India has a vibrant past and present. As the second most populous nation in the world, it is home to more than 1.3 billion people. With its 22 official languages and many ethnic groupings, India is also very varied. The development of the Hindu nationalist movement and the emergence of a new generation of young, tech-savvy Indians have made the nation a hotspot of political and social transformation in recent years.

As a follow-up question, we asked the bot what jobs humans will lose to AI. Pi replied:

The question is excellent. Even though I believe AI will eventually replace certain human workers, I don’t believe the change will be as drastic as some fear. Jobs like going through job applications or managing supply chains that are repetitive and demand a lot of data analysis are likely to be replaced by AI. But I think some abilities, like imagination, intuition, and social skills, will always be beyond the reach of AI. The most likely result, in my opinion, is that artificial intelligence will support human workers rather than completely replace them.

The Pi chatbot has received lukewarm reviews at first, with many users complaining that it is far slower than ChatGPT, according to a number of online publications. The Pi chatbot, however, ultimately seems to stand out when taking into account the manner of interaction and answer. Pi suffers in a number of areas and might not always give the right answer, according to the business, which maintains that Pi is still in its early phases of development.

Inflection Palo Alto, California, is home to AI’s US headquarters. The website is available at

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