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Is an Executive MBA Worth More Than The Financial ROI?

Is an Executive MBA Worth More Than The Financial ROI?

An Executive MBA is more about expanding intellectually, networking and learning current best practices and less about learning the basics. Young executives and senior managers who are on a fast track run in their managerial careers generally opt for an Executive MBA (EMBA). But is an EMBA worth the time and money invested in its pursuit?

The intrinsic value of an EMBA lies in the fact that it impacts the individual personally, socially and emotionally.

Personal, Social and Emotional ROI

If the time and mental energy spent away from work is considered as a cost, the fact that a person armed with an EMBA will earn more and move ahead without interrupting his or her career is ample return on investment.

An EMBA enables a person with a family and works pressures to pursue higher education without compromising either family responsibilities or official commitments.

Educational Value

EMBA’s are intense programs compressed into reduced time frames. They are definitely not simple part-time programs. In fact, the content is more or less the same as on-campus MBA programs.

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Intangible Benefits

One of the biggest intangible benefits of pursuing an EMBA is the chance to be a part of a network which will truly enhance one’s contact list. Normally, professionals joining EMBAs come from diverse fields and are already pursuing careers. Learning, networking and peer discussions with such individuals widen the possibility of learning more about different domains.

Management and leadership are the other intangible benefits. Whatever is learnt in the classroom can be instantly put into effect at the place of work. Theory gets converted into practicality. Whatever is learnt can be applied in real life right away.

Online MBA Programs

Some of the universities/colleges offering online MBA programs are are IGNOU (New Delhi), Venkateshwara Open University, Amity University (Noida), Mewar University (Rajasthan), Suresh Gyan Vihar University (Rajasthan) etc.

If you are looking for the best online MBA programs the IIMs are the safest bet.IIM Calcutta, Indore, Kozhikode and Lucknow have AMBA (Association of MBAs) Accreditation. IIM Calcutta is also AACSB accredited. XLRI, NMIMS School of Business Management offer accredited online MBA degrees as well.It would also be in order to check out the best online MBA degrees which are also the most popular. A few examples are MBA Finance & Banking, MBA Marketing, MBA Human Resources Management, MBA Investment Banking and Wealth Management, MBA Information and Technology, etc.

Online MBA Classes are generally held on weekends, looking at the convenience of the working executives. Some colleges/universities have the facility of online classrooms.

An Executive MBA is Value for Money

An EMBA develops the skills to think strategically, use data more effectively and motivate people to get the best out of them. It is more about “administration” than “business.”The time and money spent on the course are more than compensated by future career development and financial returns.

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