India’s Top Three Online MBA Programs Compared

Top Three Online MBA

We are here to mention the details about the Online MBA Programs available in India. Importantly, we will discuss the universities and colleges that provide Online MBA Programs and compare them. Here we will see some important topics, so do not take a chance by missing them.

A master’s in business administration (MBA) can be earned online. The fact that it is a 2-year postgraduate degree professional degree offered online means that the classes will be conducted online. Candidates can improve their management abilities in an MBA online course, increasing their chances of being hired for top management roles and improving their business acumen for future entrepreneurship. You’ll learn how to handle a firm’s accounting, financing, and finances or your own business.

For students who do not want to or are unable to participate in a typical full-time MBA program for various reasons, an online MBA in India is a fantastic professional option. There are a number of causes, including the fact that some students face financial issues and are unable to afford the exorbitant costs of some universities’ MBA programs.

Additionally, it is good, in my opinion, a specially created Online MBA program for those candidates who are now employed professionals and want to advance their careers in order to obtain better employment prospects in prestigious businesses.

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To compare these Online MBA programs we have come up with the Three Top Universities in India, which tends to provide the best Online MBA Programs. So, we are going to mention all the details of these Universities which will assist us to compare their Online MBA Program and will help you decide where to make your future. So, these India’s Top three Online MBA Programs are available with various specializations for candidates to choose from.

Top Three Universities That Provide MBA in Online mode of education

Now, let us see the basic pieces of information about these Top Three Online MBA Universities

  1. Amity Online
  2. Manipal University Online
  3. LPU Online

Amity University Online MBA Program

Since 2005, Amity University has been a top institution of higher learning in India. the UGC which is University Grants Commission has given the approval for Amity University Online. Additionally, NAAC has validated it with an A+ rating. UGC-DEB has granted institutional accreditation for its online programs.

One of Amity University’s top offers is the online MBA program. With the aid of recorded lectures that can be seen at any time, from any location, and at the students’ own speed, it offers a flexible study environment to the students through its own learning site.

You can pick from a number of specializations at Amity University. Industry experts and renowned educators painstakingly created the industry-focused curriculum. The university provides a unique online career platform for job placement support.

The most important point to be discussed for an Online MBA Program is the Approvals and Recognition so, Amity University Online has the recognition and approval by UGC that is University Grants Commission, and other National Ranking Councils of India like AICTE and NAAC.

Candidates Facility available at Amity University Online MBA Program
International professors and leaders in the field will instruct you. The industry knowledge and experience of these instructors give their pupils exposure to different cultures. Along with live meetings with industry professionals, live question-and-answer sessions are organized on a regular basis.

Webinars: Regular professional webinars featuring influential businesspeople, SUCCESS SUNDAY, virtual job fairs, etc. assist to engage students in their studies. To prepare the students for careers, the live lectures, seminars, and presentations use a business-focused methodology.

Placement Assistance: The institution uses real-world projects to assist students in developing their professional profiles. Through its online career portal, Amity also offers live virtual job fairs and comprehensive career services. Additionally, students will be given access to dedicated career coaches who will support them throughout the whole recruitment process.

LMS: To maximize learning outcomes, Amity University offers a solid learning management system (LMS) in addition to the flipped learning model. The exams can be taken by the students from any location because Amity’s Web Proctored Mode allows complete flexibility. Live question-and-answer sessions are available, as well as live interactions with business executives.

Fee Structure: Amity wants to provide you with excellent value. Amity University’s online MBA program is very reasonably priced. The two-year online MBA program at Amity costs a total of INR 2,64,000 in program fees. However, if you make a single payment, you will only be required to pay INR 2,55,000 in total.

Specializations Available in Online MBA Program by Amity Online

  • Digital Marketing
  • HR Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Entrepreneurship

Manipal University Online MBA Program

Manipal University offers a comprehensive Online MBA program designed for working professionals who wish to enhance their management skills and advance their careers. The program is delivered through an innovative online platform that provides students with the flexibility to learn at their own pace and from any location.

The Online MBA program consists of core courses in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations management, and organizational behavior, as well as elective courses that allow students to specialize in a particular area of business. The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.

Candidates’ Facility available at Manipal University Online MBA Program

Interactive Online Learning Platform: The program is delivered through an innovative online platform that allows students to access course materials, participate in discussions, and interact with faculty members and peers from anywhere in the world.

Flexibility: The Online MBA program is designed to be flexible, allowing students to learn at their own pace and balance their education with their professional and personal responsibilities.

Experienced Faculty Members: The program is taught by experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields and who are committed to providing a high-quality learning experience.

Career Services: The program offers comprehensive career services, including job placement assistance, resume writing support, and career counseling to help students achieve their professional goals.

Lovely Professional University Online MBA Program

One of the most well-known universities in India is Lovely Professional University (LPU). LPU has made great strides since entering the online education system. In terms of offering online education, it has established new benchmarks and elevated itself to the top colleges.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB) both recognize LPU, and it also holds numerous other significant accreditations. According to NIRF and Outlook rankings, it is also one of the best colleges in India.

All of LPU’s online students receive a complete, reliable degree. To assist its students in advancing in their careers, it offers placements and other forms of professional support. LPU emerges as one of the top schools for earning an online MBA because of its outstanding faculty and curriculum.

Candidates’ Facility available at LPU Online

Faculty: The devoted group of in-house academics who teach the most recent curriculum that is industry-oriented and offer lessons and video-recorded lectures through LPU Online. A personalized mentoring program is offered to assist students in achieving their academic objectives.

Webinars: LPU Online often hosts webinars, guest lectures, and seminars by illustrious business leaders and subject-matter experts because they think that learning should be enjoyable and interactive. With the opportunity to learn from the finest, these interactive seminars improve the educational process and inform students about the field.

Placement Assistance: LPU equips students for the workforce by providing a strong foundation in both theory and practice. LPU helps its students find jobs by inviting the top 50–70 companies to the campus each year.

LMS: With its mobile app enhanced with intriguing new interactive elements for an efficient and enjoyable teaching-learning experience, LPU Online offers a great and empowered LMS. For a seamless learning experience, you can control your own learning timetable.

Fee Structure – The LPU online MBA program has a total program cost of INR 1,56,000. However, if you make a single payment, you will only be required to pay INR 1,42,000 in total.

Specializations Available in Online MBA Program

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Data Science
  • Human Resource Management


So, for your assistance, we have researched a lot and come up with these India’s Top Three Online MBA Programs, with the details of Colleges and Universities. We truly tried to give 100% true information without any kind of biased comments. Hope you will get a clear idea about Online MBA Programs and we are sure you will work to build your career and take it to next level. So, finally, we are needing this blog with some frequently asked questions by candidates and solve your problems with help these questions. 


Ques. How valuable is an online MBA degree?
Ans. Yes, the UGC and DEB have recognized the Online MBA as a legitimate degree. It also enables you to land a job with prestigious MNCs.

Ques. The finest online MBA program?
Ans. Although all of the online MBA programs are the best in their respective sectors, finance, marketing, business, and human resource management are the most popular.

Ques. Just how challenging is an online MBA?
Ans. Online MBA programs are more accessible than challenging. All that is required is an interest in the subject, and if at all feasible, some background knowledge.

Ques. Is an online MBA simple?
Ans. No, it is not simple, but it is intriguing for those who are interested in learning management and business abilities.

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