How a digital university can transform India’s learning system ?

Digital Method

With the emerging technologies and driving information economics, it is become important for each employed to get new relevant skills to their changing roles.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, there are many universities are affected and educational sector is one of the biggest sector which affected by this pandemic. The National Education Policy (NEP) has been set the path to address of this issue. The emergence of the digital technology has forced us to reconsider the learning and teaching methods.

Staring 2020, there are Indian Universities and Colleges were earlier not permitted to provide more than 20% of the online degree and are not lifting the restrictions on online learning to widen access to the higher education and it raise the profile of Indian instructions globally.

Digital Technologies are transforming Indian Higher Education

As we all know due to COVID-19 pandemic moved all over the world. While this created many difficulties and digital transformation could help long standing problems in Indian higher education as well as ultimately make graduates more employable.

It is opportunity to use this digital university to transform our processes, “ Professor Mirle Surappa, Vice- Chancellor of the Anna University of Chennai, India, told the Times Higher Education roundtable titled that maintain the learning outcomes with the right content strategy.

Digital technology allows universities to provide a greater variety of programs to many students and offer them with level of support which was always possible with the class- teaching. Digital transformation was already taking place in the educational sector before COVID-19. Rakesh Shukla  is the Umeacademy managing director said that, the development would usually and happen in 5 to 7 years and happened in 5 to 7 months.

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Benefits of Digital Learning

Recorded lectures

It is one of the biggest benefit of digital learning, you will be able to record your classes. If you miss something during the class then you can record it and learn it anytime and anywhere.

Connected learning

It is another benefit of digital learning that you will be part of connected community. If there’s something you need with tools such as Microsoft and Zoom teams then you will able to connect with your classmates.

Self Directed Study

It is an important part of higher education. This refers to the time you spend learning way from classes when you are not being directed by the teacher.

Flexible Choices

Digital learning courses will offer flexible choices. This means, you can learn anytime and anywhere.

Written languages skills

Digital learning could help you to improve written language skills. When you are studying online, you will use instant messaging apps to quickly get in touch with people.

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