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Big Data has Big Benefit

Big Data Benefits

The secret is out, and the mad rush is on to leverage big data analytics tools and techniques for competitive advantage before they become commoditized. If you’re looking to get a hike in career, big data will act as an elixir for you. Wants to know what actually Big Data Hadoop is, read on…

Hadoop is open-source software that enables applications to work with multiple nodes and petabytes of data. Itis a software framework that offers support to data-intensive distributed applications. It provides massive storage for any kind of data, enormous processing power and the ability to handle virtually limitless concurrent tasks or jobs. Hadoop is the most popular Big Data technology that was developed in the lines of Google’s MapReduce and Google File System (GFS) papers.

Virtue of Hadoop

One of the top reasons that organizations turn to Hadoop is its ability to store and process huge amounts of data – any kind of data – quickly. With data volumes and varieties constantly increasing, especially from social media and the Internet of Things, that’s a key consideration. Other benefits include:

  • Computing power:- Its distributed computing model quickly processes big data. The more computing nodes you use, the more processing power you have
  • Unlike traditional relational databases, you don’t have to preprocess data before storing it. You can store as much data as you want and decide how to use it later. That includes unstructured data like text, images and videos
  • Fault tolerance:-Data and application processing are protected against hardware failure. If a node goes down, jobs are automatically redirected to other nodes to make sure the distributed computing does not fail. And it automatically stores multiple copies of all data
  • Low cost:-The open-source framework is free and uses commodity hardware to store large quantities of data
  • You can easily grow your system simply by adding more nodes. Little administration is required

Need of Big data Solution

As per researches, every day we create an average of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, which is going up at an incremental pace. Millions of people across the world log on to Facebook to change their profile picture and more data are generated from emails and search engines that get simply dumped in a cluster of data.  Among all this inconsequential data there is a large percentage of data that can prove to be a gold mine for businessNEED OF BIG DATA SOLUTION intelligence, which can make or break market trends. 80% of the data captured is unstructured and gathered from diverse sources including social media posts, digital media including images and videos, GPS signals, transaction records, to name a few. All this constitutes Big Data and companies seek cost-effective and innovative information processing systems to gain insights by comprehensively analyzing the data.

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Hadoop Applications

Hadoop allows the user to frame questions to reveal answers to standard problems, thereby making all data usable. It makes complete data sets instead of mere data samples available for analysis. This enables businesses to do in-depth analysis and come up with immediate results for –

  • Ideas on new products
  • Research, development and marketing analysis
  • Overview of daily operations
  • Productivity measurement
  • Network monitoring
  • Log and/or click analysis

Big Benefits of Learning Hadoop

  • Big career opportunity:- A survey among 90 executives from Fortune 100 Senior Business & Technology executives showed that at least 90% organizations were already working with Big Data. There is an urgent need for IT professionals with Hadoop experience to meet the needs of the growing industry demands. It has been proven that data harnessing can play a major role in competitive plans and strategy development which requires critical skills. Hence, businesses are willing to pay high prices for professionals with the right skills.

  • Big Salary packages:- As data is the backbone of any business, there is and will always be a thriving need for fast data processing and timely access. Hadoop with its advanced system addresses this need and hence, in any company the Hadoop specialist will always be well-paid. In fact, IT professionals with skills in Big Data- related languages and databases are enjoying some of the healthiest pay checks. As hiring postings for Hadoop has gone up by 64% in the past year, Hadoop has emerged as the leader in Big Data category. Hadoop pros are paid an average salary of over USD 109,000, which is higher than the average of USD 106,000 for other big data jobs including Unix, SAP, IBM Mainframe, VB, .NET, MySQL, C++, Java Script, VM Ware and Teradata.

  • Big company hiring:- There are more than 17,000 employees with Hadoop skills across major companies such as Microsoft, yahoo, Google, Cisco, eBay, IBM, LinkedIn, Oracle, Amazon, Tata and HP. Companies are seeking:

    • Big data visualize
    • Data scientist
    • Big Data analyst
    • Big data engineer
    • Big data architect

Big Data and Hadoop Market Growth

A positive trend can be observed in demand for Hadoop specialists. Hadoop is touted to be the future of big raw data, with its ability to process raw data into actionable analytics with little additional tools or professional consulting. It lays the foundation for better business intelligence, and at a very price. With more vendors developing turnkey solutions to support Hadoop, tools are available for shortening the learning curve and enjoying ROI faster on a Hadoop investment. Their easy integration with Hadoop, makes the third-party solutions of existing BI set-up also synchronize with the Hadoop system easily.

As an open source platform with an active developers’ community who contribute greatly towards its betterment, Hadoop architecture is undergoing massive evolution. There are many Hadoop tools that are still in their prototype stage or undergoing applications testing. Gradually, we can observe Hadoop emerge into a turnkey system that captures, organizes and analyzes data.

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