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5 Reasons to Go for an Advanced Data Science Course

data science course

Data Science is among the most lucrative career options of the 21st Century. In the current day, Data Scientists are among the highest paid professionals in the world.  Opting for a career as a Data Scientist, you can be assured of a fruitful career, both today and in the future.

Going by global employment monitors, there is a huge demand for Data Scientists. Big Data has revolutionized the way companies do business. These companies require people who can analyze and understand the trends in data.  However, there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of such individuals. At present, there are more vacant positions than there are Data Scientists in the world. This fact in itself highlights the opportunities you have in the field of Data Science.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should go for an Advanced Course in Data Science.

1.Data is the New Normal in Business Intelligence

Today, Data Science has become commonplace. Corporates and MNCs are already implementing data driven strategies for future growth. The trend is now being followed by small and medium businesses across the globe.

Business owners want to understand their customers by identifying buying patterns and user-behaviour. It helps them in expanding their reach and improving their products and services. To perform all these tasks, they need a Data Scientist. Data is the new oil of industrialisation and learning Data Science guarantees employability.

2.The Time to Learn Data Science is Now!

As mentioned above, there is a lot of Data and very few Data Scientists in the world. So, to benefit from this gap in demand and supply, you need to act fast. Also, the infancy of the field makes it much easier to learn and explore new avenues. But again, it is not an easy path. Learning Data Science entails a steep learning curve as it is not a standalone field. You will need knowledge of Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Core for progression.
However, with the right resources and guidance, Data Science can be mastered. If the basics are clear, a course in Advanced Data Science can help you cover the skill-gap quickly.

3.A High-Paying Career Option

The pay scale of Data Scientist is way above other IT and management jobs. The average yearly salary of a Data Scientist is currently about $117,000 which amounts to about Rs. 83,00,000 a year. So, you will not only uplift your career but also your social profile by becoming a Data Scientist.

Moreover, there are many sub-fields in the Data Science industry. You can pick and choose a role to your liking by specializing in a particular field. For example; a commercial entity will need Data Scientist for analyzing sales while a healthcare organization will need someone who can analyze genomic sequences.

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4.Make the World a Better Place

Data Science is not just a tool for career growth and monetary benefits. It is also the driving force behind changes in the way human society will progress. From solving the climate crisis to developing medicines for diseases like Cancer and HIV, Data Science can enrich our lives in hitherto unforeseen ways.
Did you know? The World Bank is using Data Science to help the people displaced by the wars in Middle-East. So, if you want to make a difference in the world we live in – a career in Data Science can be the answer.

5.It is the Career of Tomorrow

Data Science is here to stay. Every day, new use-cases for data-driven solutions are being discovered. This will only become more widespread in the future as more people work online – hence generating more data. Data Science will also play a huge role in further development of AI technologies and Natural Language Processing. So, Data Literacy can give you a chance to lead the charge in your organization in coming years, taking your career to new heights.


We hope this article helped you in finding out the reasons you were looking for to become a Data Scientist.

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