Introduction:VBA FOR EXCEL!

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Instructed by Abrar Hussain Development / Programming Languages

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Lectures 20
Video 2 Hour
Languages English

Who should do this course?

Often people who are skilled with spreadsheets shy away from learning Visual Basic for Applications. Excel carries a lot of built-in functionality so they don’t feel the need to learn programming. In fact, there are a number of reasons to get comfortable with writing macros in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).! – See more at: https://umeacademy.com/courses/vba-and-its-application/

What are the pre-requisites?

When you first learn Visual Basic for Applications, Excel built-in functions might seem like a faster way to do things. Puzzling out program structure and getting results to come out right takes longer than using quick and dirty shortcuts on the spreadsheet.! – See more at: https://umeacademy.com/courses/sas-for-beginner/

Course Description

1.Getting Started

The Excel Working Explained 16m
What Is VBA 16m
Excel Security Settings And Macro Files 16m
The Developer Ribbon 16m


Recording And Running A Simple Macro 16m
Editing An Existing Macro In The Visual Basic Editor 16m
The New Macro Enabled File Type 16m
Quick Tour Of The Excel Visual Basic Editor 16m
Watch A Macro Write Your VBA 16m

3.Procedures And Functions

What Is A Module? 16m
Creating A Sub Procedure Manually 16m
How To Call A Sub Procedure 16m
Creating A Function Procedure 16m
How To Call A Function 16m

4.Getting Started With VBA Programming

Using Comments Within Your VBA Code 16m
Declaring Variables And Data Types 16m
The Scope Of A Variable 16m
The Static Declaration And Variable Expiry 16m
Constants Instead Of Variables 16m
An Intrinsic Constant 16m
String And Date Types Expanded 16m
Excel VBA Operators 16m
Arrays 16m
Multi-Dimensional Arrays 16m
Dynamic Arrays 16m

5.Manipulating Excel Objects

Referencing Cells Using The Range Object 16m
The CELLS Property 16m
The OFFSET Property 16m
The VALUE Of Ranges 16m
The TEXT Object Of The RANGE 16m
Formatting Numeric Values 16m
Add Formulas To Cells Through VBA Code 16m
Common METHODS Of The RANGE Object 16m

6.Working With Excel VBA Functions

What Is A Function? 16m
Built In VBA Date Functions 16m
Text Manipulation With VBA Functions 16m
Determining File Sizes Using FILELEN 16m
Using Worksheet Excel Functions In VBA Code 16m
User Defined Functions In Excel 16m

7.Debugging And Error Handling

Error Trapping the Easy Way 16m
Make The VBA Ignore Errors 16m
Interact With The User When An Error Occurs 16m
Making Use Of The ERR Object 16m
Debugging Techniques 16m
Speeding Up The VBA Tips 16m

8.Running And Storing VBA Code

Trigger A Procedure From The Quick Access Toolbar 16m
Customizing The Ribbons 16m
Adding Buttons To Sheets 16m
Adding A Keyboard Shortcut Trigger 16m
Where To Store Your VBA Code 16m
Adding Code To The PERSONAL File 16m

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