Big Data Hadoop

Big Data Hadoop

Big Data Hadoop

Big Data Hadoop

Introduction:Big Data Hadoop

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Instructed by Abrar Hussain Development / Programming Languages

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Lectures 30
Video 4 Hour
Skill Level Big Data Hadoop
Languages English

Course Description

1.Hadoop Introduction

Introduction 16m
Hadoop Features 16m
HDFS Architecture 16m
HDFS Components 16m
HDFS Client 16m
HDFS Client creating new file 16m
Rack Description 16m
HDFS Write Operation 16m
Selection of Data Nodes & Node Distance 16m
Serialization 16m
HDFS Blocks 16m
HDFS Caching & Failover 16m
HDFS Federation 16m
HDFS High Availability 16m
Hadoop Archive files 16m
Hadoop Releases 16m
Hadoop 2.0 features 16m
Cluster size specifications 16m
Master Node scenario 16m
Network Topology 16m
Cluster Setup & Installation 16m
Configuration Management 16m
HDFS Data Integrity 16m
Cycle of Big Data Management 16m
Big data in the Cloud 16m

2.HADOOP Practice Exercise

Creating Cluster 16m
HUE HDFS File Browser 16m
Cloud SQL Instance 16m
Data Store Query 16m
Google Storage 16m


Map Reduce Introduction 16m
Map Reduce Phases 16m
Job Tracker 16m
Anatomy of Map Reduce Program 16m
Map Reduce Data Types 16m
Resource Manager Failure 16m

4.MAP REDUCE Practice Exercise

Submit Job 16m
HUE Job Designer 16m

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