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Blockchain course delivers a comprehensive outline on the essential concepts of blockchain technology. This course helps to put up the establishment essential for developing applications and  programming. It provides a practical training on the topics of Bitcoins, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain scenarios. From a technical perspective, candidates opting for the program will acquire a strong hold on the fundamental blockchain platforms, get more understanding on Bitcoin and about its purpose, absorb important vocabulary and the basics used for discussing Blockchain and understanding the reason as to why engineers are interested to create app with Ethereum. Candidates are well equipped with the information necessary to generate nodes on their personal Ethereum blockchain, create and unlock accounts, transfer ethers, and check balances. The course describes the basic components of blockchain, its operations, underlying algorithms and essentials of trust.


The course can be availed by anyone with a technical background. There are a lot of opportunities that blockchain technology offers across a wide range of industries. Project managers, developers, technology or solution architects, team leads, support professionals, product managers, business analysts generally avail this course.


The course is generally divided into modules and are as follows:

Module 1 – Discover Blockchain

  • What is blockchain
  • History of blockchain
  • The problem area
  • Networks and protocols
  • Blockchain in various government and non-government organizations
  • Relation to bitcoin
  • Requirements for blockchain in a business environment
  • Requirements deep dive

Module 2 – Leverage blockchain benefits

  • Why blockchain is relevant for business
  • Consensus: shared reference data example
  • Provenance: supply chain example
  • Immutability: audit and compliance example
  • Finality: letter of credit example
  • Industry use cases
  • Customer adoption

Module 3 – Transform your business with blockchain

  • IBM and Hyperledger relationship: Blockchain for business
  • Hyperledger composer
  • Public references
  • IBM engagement model

Blockchain asset transfer

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The fees varies from institute to institute and depending on the duration of course distribution. The fees generally start with Rs.9,000 and some institute charge up to Rs.60,000 based on the program delivery.


Students get to learn a lot through this course and after completion they will have strong concepts on blockchain technology and bitcoin transaction process. They can work with Ethereum deployment tools and Hyperledger projects. Also they will be able to install private Ethereum blockchain and install business network using Hyperledger composer. They will also develop private blockchain using the multichain. Various tools will also be covered in the course such as Blockchain Integration tools, Blockchain Ethereum tools and Hyperledger tools.


Demand for the blockchain professionals has increased a lot in recent years.  On completion of the program, students can work as Blockchain developer, Blockchain project manager, Blockchain designer, Blockchain quality engineer, Blockchain attorney or legal consultant. They can also get hired by the startups, legacies like banks, accountancy firms and law offices, in various tech firms and also in government offices as crypto experts and advisors. Earnings of these individuals depend on their level of experience and the organizations they are working.

Admission Open 2021

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