How to crack the Upcoming Entrance Exam 2020 for MBA


How to crack the Upcoming Entrance Exam 2020 for MBA


Are you are a student and want to appear in upcoming MBA Entrance Exams in 2020? Then, there are some important aspects that you should know and to be followed if you really want to crack the exams. In India, there are various private and government colleges offering management education for which a candidate has to go through the selection procedure that is the written examination, group discussion and personal interview. Afterwards, a candidate is selected according to their performance and credibility. But, only making hard work and dedication is not sufficient, it is very much important to channelize this in the right way. Therefore, there are tricks and tips which can be helpful to achieve your career goals. Let’s discuss some of the MBA examinations and the tricks and tips to crack these examinations.


If you are so determined to crack this exam so there are some tips and tricks that can help you during your preparations.

1. Focus on Your Speed and Accuracy: – For this exam, you just have to revise your basics thoroughly and focus on your speed and accuracy of calculation to reduce solving time.

2. Strategies that can be followed: – Time management is very important in this exam as there are 34 questions and 60 minutes. The exam is based on class X level concepts. Thus, conceptual knowledge has to be combined with lots of practice.


If you are interested to go for this test for your bright career. Then, there are some tips and tricks need to be followed.

Firstly, go through the XAT syllabus. Select the sections which you think you can do better. On the other hand, get the XAT exam pattern. This will give you an idea of which part you have to focus on. You can watch different videos or read interview of previous years XAT toppers and take inspiration. You have to divide the 3 months in Completing Syllabus, Practising mock tests and revision. You have to spend 45 days on completing the syllabus. For the next 30 days in practising previous years XAT question papers, sample papers and mock tests. For the last 15 days you can spend on revision of important topics, concepts, formulae and theorems.


If you want to crack this test. Then, there are some aspects which need to be fulfilled before attempting for this examination. Although you are focusing on theoretical knowledge, there are other things which you should be considered. 

MAT exam has a duration of 150 minutes to attempt 200 questions. Therefore, it is crucial for a candidate have proper time management for each section. The best trick is to read different variety of articles. If you start reading different types of articles, you will get precision and accuracy which is the most essential element to tackle this section.  The Indian and Global Environment section which tests the ability of general knowledge. Therefore, you need to be updated about the latest topics and news going around the world. You can watch news channels, read newspapers, magazines and browse through the internet to get this section.


If you a Symbiosis aspirant and want to pursue your career in any of the Symbiosis colleges. Then, you have to go through the tips and tricks to achieve it.

 In this exam, all the topics cannot be easily covered but it is good if you cover most of it and that too with the thoroughness.  It is very important to revise on a regular basis. Give quality time to all the sections. There are topics which are easily forgettable, so revise them properly. If a question is taking much time to solve and answer, leave it and jump over another. The key to success for time management is not to get stuck with a single problem and waste time over it. If a question seems easy and less time consuming, it must be attempted first. The questions which are seemed easy but calculative should be solved later.


If you are an MBA aspirant and want to appear in NMAT 2020. Then, there are some aspects which need to be covered within the specified time period.

For this test, you should have proper study material which plays a very important role in preparation for exams. Referring many books create confusion in the mind but you can refer any good book which has good concepts in it. If you are solving questions with the long methods then, it’s a waste lots of time. If you have your concepts clear then you don’t have to worry much on the concepts. 


If you want to pursue your career in top MBA colleges and for this, you are preparing for the CMAT 2020. Then, there are some tricks and tips which can help you to crack this exam.

First of all, you have to make a plan and allocate the time for studies. You should allot your time according to the easy and difficult sections that you find in the syllabus. Secondly, you should browse different mock test and assignments available on different websites. These mock test will boost your confidence to crack this exam. Lastly, having a regular revision makes you familiar with the types of questions in CMAT exam pattern. It helps you to get disciplined about the preparations. Regular revision will make you eligible in the syllabus and more confident.


This is an emerging opportunity, where you will find ample opportunity for a brighter career. TISS-NET 2020 is a platform where you can achieve your desired career prospects. There are some tricks and tips through which you can crack this exam.

Firstly, make the Newspapers as your friend as it play a crucial role when you planning to give this exam.  Being friends with the newspaper will give you a double advantage. Firstly, you will stay updated about the latest happenings around you, and secondly, you will have a wide scope of improving English, both written and verbal. The second step is to practising mathematics. If you are good in calculations, then it will help you in cracking the TISSNET exam. One of the best things to do is to practice your standard X and XI arithmetic problems. Lastly, the most important thing is not to waste time on too lengthy questions.


If you are an MBA aspirant from the state of Maharashtra and want to pursue your career in top MBA colleges in Maharashtra. Then, you have to qualify MCET 2020 and for this there are some tips and tricks to be adopted to crack this exam.  First of all, it is important to divide your time equally for all the subjects. Make a proper time-table and prepare wisely. Secondly, you should be doing all sort of sample papers and mock papers to have an idea of the exam pattern and the level of difficulty. Lastly it is important to have a regular revision so that you will be thorough with the subjects and analyzing your weak points and working on it.


IIFT is considered as one of the top MBA examinations in India. This exam is conducted for the MBA aspirants who want to pursue a career in management studies. Therefore to crack this exam, there are some tips and tricks. First of all, don’t attempt any question that is doubtful about to you. You should attempt those questions in which you are 100% sure. Secondly, most of us do such mistake that is of getting panic before the exam. You should be calm and confident for the exam. Lastly, it is very much important to read each and every question thoroughly before attempting it. 


MICAT is one of the most important examinations that most of the MBA aspirants appear. If you also having a plan to opt for this examination, then there are some aspects you need to know before the exams.

First of all, you have to plan up your studies in your entire day. Like how much hours you invest in studies and taking breaks. Through this you can come closer to achieve this exam. Secondly, you should have patience to read the question carefully before attempting it. Moreover, it is important to attempt for those questions in you are confident and takes less time and after that you may go for the complicated questions. Lastly, you should revise your subjects on a regular basis. 


ICFAI Aptitude Test is one of the most important exams that most of the candidates opt to pursue their MBA career. If you are amongst them, then you should know some tips and tricks to crack his exam.

Firstly, you should have a proper plan for all the subjects through which you can cover all the sections of the exam paper. You must try to strengthen your vocabulary and grammatical skills. It is important to note that you should not study outside the subjects of the curriculum. You should revise through the books of the test series, work samples, question papers from the previous year, and so on. This will increase the revolution speed of the problem.


So, all the above-mentioned exams and tricks will help you to achieve your MBA career. Different exams need their own way of preparation, some of the exams may be tough and others may not. so it’s all depends upon your choice and your dedication for your goals.

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